Are you a Fiery Element?

Which element are you?

I have been a curious soul since childhood. I enjoy learning about simple & complex human behavior. The types of people, their thoughts, culture, perceptions and personalities. It is all fascinating to learn what makes some people ‘predictable’ in key ways.

Today we are talking about FIRE ELEMENT PEOPLE in Rima’s Astrology Diaries ~

In the Zodiac Belt, the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius denote the fire element, each one progressively less ‘fiery’. One’s sun sign speaks more to one’s outer personality. Here, we are talking about the innate, internalized sense of one’s DNA and in that – people that have their rising sign (Ascendant) or Moon sign (their moon) in the sign of either of these three fire zodiacs as per their horoscope ; or those who have the lord of the first house sitting prominently in a fire zodiac. If you find yourself fitting 75% of these characteristics, you may possibly be a strong fire element!

What characteristics make a strong fire element?

These #Shahrukhkhan are the eyes of a FIRE SIGN (Leo Rising). Fire element people are passionate people who value showcasing their talents, being noticed and appreciated for their work. They demand a social standing & are typically ambitious & entertaining! 

Fire loves to move ‘quickly’ and hence can make for proactive and even impatient people. As the term goes ‘playing with fire’, fire element people are not someone you want to mess with. The no brainer here is the ANGER or RAGE that fire element people can naturally host within themselves. They are fiery! Haha. The best remedy for that is to not play with fire when it’s sparked. Let it cool on its own.

Sociable & very adventurous by nature, they are often game to the thrill of taking quick, bold risks. A life without party & adventure or an overly emotional outlook to life like that of a water element can be too dull for fire element people. They are indeed, vibrant & charming! 

Since Agni tatv gives jeev daan (Fire = life force), fire people have the ability to give generously, enjoy supporting a social cause as long as they are receive overt appreciation for their generosity. Fire people, similar to air elements, need their own space. (Remember, fire can burn away just as much as it can give us). 

Fire and Water are elements that spark each other; being of opposing natures, they often make for great chemistry & complementary counterparts. While water can cool their fiery heads, it can sometimes be too deep or too cold for fast paced, ‘thin’ fire.

In fact, fire always needs ‘air’ to remain alive. While the air element likely sparks the fire to rise further in times of trouble, earth can be too ‘slow’ or too passive for an element as fast paced & enthusiastic as fire. If at all, fire may appreciate the maturity of earth element as long as it doesn’t strip off their fun filled, inner child!

Key values: Fire element people value ‘knowledge’~


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What is an Angel Card Reading (Oracle)?

The world of Tarot is a well elected method to derive answers to our personal and professional problems. I mean who doesn’t know of Tarot, even non-believers do. Tarot is believed to be traced back to the 16th century in its origin or interpretation thereof.

Angel Cards we can say are a derivation of the Tarot dating back mostly to the 19th C. I have worked alongside Angels or rather accepted their guidance for over half a decade now, although my true readings began in 2017.

What are Angel Cards?

As the name suggests, Angel Cards are sourced back to the belief that ‘Angels’ @ messengers of God are around us, to unconditionally support our soul journey towards our highest good. As invisible as air itself, when ‘tuned in’, we can sense their presence through mere intuition, feelings, sparkles in the air, feathers or coins around us or through even the repeating numeric patterns that often baffle us. I must tell you that Angel Cards are simply amazing, because the (seemingly invisible) Guardian and ArchAngels that surround us are fabulous at what they do – giving us insightful guidance with a spark of inner belief, motivation and valuable affirmations.

All of us have 2 guardian angels assigned at birth and a set of divine team that consists of other angels and ArchAngels. Our Angels love us unconditionally. They want the very best for us even if that means challenging us beyond our comfort zone. They have zero personal agenda and despite the divine guidance, cannot influence or override our FREE WILL.

I tell my clients to imagine Angels hovering above us like helicopters. Being omniscient, omnipresent, clairvoyant and coming from a place of true, unconditional love for us, angels are able to observe our past, present and the next best steps forwards for our soul growth.

Having understood this, I can tell you that Angel Cards (also sometimes known as Oracle Cards) are able to guide us towards our highest good, best solutions and practices in any area of our life. Similar to Tarot, it utilizes a span of cards dealt and energetically activated by the practitioner. The client is able to ask a question relevant to ANY area of his/ her life or alternatively, keep an open ground for whatever guidance received.

Through the cards picked up, Angels then guide the client towards possible truths, awareness, options and solutions by highlighting obstacles to growth, best steps forward and the necessary areas of inner growth for future success. Angels are simply amazing at picking out our inner, unhealthy emotional patterns and subconscious beliefs. They want to gently guide, inspire and motivate us to align our intentions to our highest truth. Hence, often times the answers to even concrete, materialistic questions like career, job and money could lie in hidden spiritual growth

I like to think of angels as invisible Life-Coaches and excellent Spiritual Coaches.

E.g. A question on career asked by my client was responded by the angels by drawing attention to her own self-doubts. Another client who asked about career and finance was given the guidance to soften her heart with love and relax her rigid mental boundaries / rules. The client responded with affirmation, telling me that it made perfect sense!


There are different Angel Card decks. However, personally, I have used the ArchAngels Oracle Cards the most. It is a 45 card deck with 15 ArchAngels, each assigned 3 cards based on their individual expertise. This means that each ArchAngel is an expert at certain dimensions of life just like we humans are – some in health, some in finance, some in emotional health, etc.

I have done most of my readings virtually either Video over Skype or WhatsApp or Audio call – based on the client’s preference.


Both Tarot and AC help give us answers, guide us to solutions however, tarot can be more definitive and more focused in the Earthy dimension. E.g. Tarot can tell you in how many months you are likely to get married, which job out of the 3 you are likely to get, etc. Tarot can help get us real world answers in the concrete.

Angel Cards also give us answers which are broadened to our overall GROWTH as vs. just the particular question we ask. Angel Cards are EXCELLENT at picking up our blind spots, the areas of growth we shy away from or confirming our doubts and reassuring us in the face of our insecurities.

Until date I have found 99% of my clients extremely happy with their reading (extremely rare a case when the client leaves with the lack of clarity. Very often this is the case when there are internal blocks to growth). They understand the interpretations pertaining to their context and get BIG, emotional and spiritual take-aways from it. I love it because while Tarot can just give us these answers in the 3D, an Oracle deck can provide us with answers from higher dimensions that will TRANSFORM our life in a much larger way should we follow that guidance.


We can do a 3 card or a 10 card reading. The practitioner spiritually connects to the divine force of the client and allows for his / her own divine team to mutually guide the reading. A sacred space is created in the reading area including but not limited to lighting a candle, incense, being clean in one’s body (shower, etc.), placing flowers, etc.

In a 3 card reading, the practitioner pulls out 3 cards – looking over the present, past and future or the current mindset, blockages and solutions. It helps to answer one question in depth.

A 10 card on the other hand gives very thorough details about one question. It can highlight influences from other people, from the past, best practices, how to overcome our difficulty, etc. A 10 card reading typically take 45 minutes.

I offer 30 minute and a 60 minute reading based on client choice, both often done virtually for people around the world! BOOK A SESSION NOW


WHY IS CORONAVIRUS here? An Anti-World Revelation


Everyone wants to know the answer to WHY here, when will it end, what is the solution? The answer to this in the Spiritual, non-worldly realm is cushioned under the truths of many layers. Let me begin with the very basics: Everyday our body needs to cleanse itself of it’s junk. This happens naturally. However, the Universe gave us the responsibility to do the same with our Minds and also with our Actions and the choices we put out there in the world. We have been using planet Earth to wits end, taken it for granted way too far and so EARTH requires its cleanse.

Isn’t it interesting that almost entire EARTH is a stand still? That plate tectonic movements have eased, the air has cleared up, that nature gets to be in silence and Earth gets a break from carrying the burdens of our footsteps!

Is it strange that this entire Virus Situation started when Shiv’s human activation coincided identically and overlapping EXACTLY with the transiting planets in the sky or that his activation reached the deepest point of breakthrough during Navratri in 2019?

This Virus was probably brewing underneath since way earlier than people even know or have revealed yet. Rahu is Ardr(a) while Ketu in Mool(a) is no coincidence at this time. It is an intentional reverence of The Universe to the Deity who resides amongst us.

While SHIV is KETU, DURGA is RAHU. They perfectly oppose and perfectly compliment each other.

Shiv is called #Saumy(a) because Shiv is #sensitive like the Moon. Compassionate, kind, gentle delicate, feminine like. Shiv also has a polar opposite side of #Tandav – anger, #fire which comes from #Shakti within him (masculine energy).

Seen in the human form – Shiv is more ‘Dhruv(a)’ aka Sthir ~ feminine characteristics and Shakti more the Manifestator aka Ajey (invincible) ~ masculine characteristics. When Saumya is abused, the pent up implosion of Shiv causes explosions (Shakti). There is a reason that Shiv rides on the Cow while Shakti rides on a Tiger. They embody Ketu-Rahu and mirror their balance in #polarity 💞

In every situation, there is ALWAYS a good and a bad. In this world there is always Good & Bad at any given time & when the balance is skewed, it’s time to tip it off and restore the balance.

This Coronavirus situation is nothing but the time taken by the Universe to cleanse, restore its balance and rejuvenate its existence, exercise its rights over greedy or rather ignorant humans.

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Please note that the original term is KARM, not KARMAS (western version). Hence you will see me use the term Karm or Karm(a)s often in the text today.

Did you know that 2019 has been one of the most potent year of our generation, astrologically speaking. Have you found this year to be exceptionally challenging? The two karmic planets in Vedic / Sidereal Astrology made a huge impact in our lives this year.

2019 to 2022 is one of the most popular time for Vedic Astrologers since some of transits happening in the sky have never happened in our millennium! As I made my astrology video on Saturn-Ketu (South Node) conjunction in Sagittarius, one of my viewers emailed me, asking me to make a video on how to repay our karmas? What a wonderful question! I’d love to answer that today.

What is KARM(a) exactly? Karm in the Indian language means ‘Action’ or ‘Deed’. However, karm is not our outward action alone. Karm is also our inward action. What does this mean?

This means that every thought which is generated from our belief systems and perceptions and the intentions behind our actions make up karm as well. A collection of Karm over time makes up our destiny. In other words, the larger, intense, transformative life experience we have in our current birth are often an expression of our ‘BANKED’ karma from many previous life times.


There are 4 main types of Karmas:

  1. Sanchit Karm(a)s: The full range of karm collection for an individual soul, until current day
  2. Prarabdh Karm(a)s: Karms that have matured or ripened from the bank of sanchit karms. Not all karms ripen at the same time. Karms ripen when they are ready to give their fruits. (Just like our Fixed Deposits or Investments have a maturity time).
  3. Kriyaman Karm(a)s: The karms that we are creating by our thoughts and deeds in the present moment
  4. Agam Karm(a)s: Karms that are yet to mature or manifest in the future

The Two Karmic Planets

Saturn and Ketu (South Node) are the two karmic planets in Vedic Astrology. Saturn ruling the sign of Aquarius (along with North Node Rahu) and Ketu co-ruling the sign of Scorpio along with Mars are the two most important planets responsible in giving us the fruits of our Sanchit Karms. They govern the painful, deep teachings or transformative experiences in our life. I would not call them negative planets. After all, they help us REPAY our pent up karmic debt and help our soul progress towards a higher state of existence!

7 ways to repay our karmic debts

  1. Surrender to our destiny – The painful experiences, people, and events in our life are often the culmination of our Prarabdh karms. e.g. people we trust the most betray us or money we lose when unexpected, being or feeling abused, etc. Those people are merely ‘nimit’ (means / medium) to have our ‘karm phal‘ (fruits of our karms) reach us. Should we surrender to our lord, destiny and life then, humbly accepting our karmic lessons, we are able to resolve that debt much more easily and avoid further entanglement.

  2. Penance – Repenting for known and unknown deeds that inflicted pain to another is one of the most powerful way to repay our karmic debts. When we are pain we often say to ourselves that we haven’t done bad to anyone but truly if we were to remember and list the rude words, actions and harmful deeds we have done to the planet, animals, people in all our life years and the hurt it caused in their heart and soul even if momentarily (often lasting very long), we will surprise ourselves.


    Jainism propagates asking for forgiveness from every single living being on the planet with true intention (Intention is everything, words mean nothing to the universe if our intention is not aligned!). I highly recommend Landmark Forum’s activity where they ask us to go back to our parents, siblings, ex lovers, friends, everyone we know who we have felt hurt by us and who we feel deeply have hurt us. No matter how much we justify to ourselves that the apology is not required or may not be received well, in reality it is what some people in our lives have been waiting for years. I did that activity with over 18 people in my life and found not only how long they had kept the hurt within but also how much I mattered to them! By healing my heart and theirs as well, it brought massive spiritual shifts for me as well as them!

  3. Voluntarily Repay – We can take charge and do what it takes to repay the debt even if painful. E.g. if we have not returned someone’s belongings or money, even after years into it, we can go ahead and finish that circle of debt or serving other needy people to repay old debts we held towards others. Another example is – if we have had difficult people in our lives, know that our karm is often calling attention to healing that life experience from this birth or past. Taking the lead to do what it takes to heal the relationship can help you repay the debt at least from you end. If the other person doesn’t receive or respond it, that’s their incomplete debt, but you having done your part, complete your end of the duty! Remember, the universe hears and sees our intentions, every single second!

  4. Life-Coaching, SRT, Hypnotherapy – The power of the subconscious mind, opening our Akashic records and emotionally changing our life-stories / emotional lifestyle is huge! By strengthening our mind emotionally, we build mental resilience, learn to be humble and dissolve old soul contracts that are unhealthy. You will find that by seeking these services, a massive shift entails not only in your vibrational message but heals the core existence of everyone around you.


  5. Deeds of Service – Serving the needy, diseased or underprivileged people with physical deeds of service (preparing, distributing, serving food or visiting them, spending them with them, sharing affection, etc.) helps with the blessings that can dissolve tough karms. Remember though that the universe notices our intention. If our intention to help is to receive recognition, name or fame, then our deeds are credited towards karmic backlog.

  1. 6. Godliness aka Virtuous Living – need I say more about this? The emphasis of visiting a place of worship, worshiping a Godly figure, etc. is to build a virtuous character, so as to proceed towards more and more intentional living and humble expressions of ourselves. By being humanitarian or simple in our existence, we simplify the perceptions we hold towards life and difficult times. It builds our inner resilience and appreciation of life however it is!

    7. Blessings from an Enlightened Soul – Last but not the least, there is an uncanny ability of karmic debts being resolved with the blessings of a highly enlightened soul. When priests / gurus that are truly humble, highly spiritual and sorted in their existence, they are able to perish the negativity we hold in our energetic stamps of life. It is like having a strong antidote to a virus.

How did you like this post? Did it add to your knowledge and understanding of karm(a)s? What would you like to add to it? Please contribute and hear my video, soon to be attached below.

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Do you find it hard to express your love to your loved ones? This post is for you!

Isn’t it amazing to have good friends in our life, no matter how far they are! I was having this heart to heart conversation with a very close friend and discovered something new about her!
Expressing OUR LOVE for our partner / spouse is crucial in any stage of the relationship. Taking each other for granted in known or unconscious ways, is often what distances or breaks a relationship.

Here are some quick tips to keep the romance bursting in your LOVE LIFE. Pick whatever suits you best. These are just some suggestions. Tweek them as you like, pick 1 or 2 that suits you best or use them all!

– SAY IT WITH FLOWERS: Yes, flowers are awesome and they are not just a lady’s pal. Flowers can refresh a relationship and a stressful day. Once you keep the stress away, lots of smile are coming you way 😁

– SURPRISE THEM: Got a surprise dinner planned or an outing to their favorite place or maybe even a small getaway? For most people, it leads straight to the heart!

– MAKE A NOTE: Post its or a chalk board, whatever you have to simply write ” I LOVE YOU” or “YOU MEAN THE WORLD” is a simple but powerful way to reignite some magic.

– GET A GIFT: Gifts don’t have to be extravagant, unless of course🤪 your partner is explicit about it. Remember, men love gifts too. A wallet, a pen, coasters, cuff lings, a shirt, their favorite coffee, a beer mug, call it a day!

– THE SOUND OF MUSIC: Music has healing powers. Get to know their favorite songs, bands or musicians and treat them for a at home concert (play their fav music), date a concert (part of surprises maybe?) or buy them the perfect play in the car playlist. Maybe add some dancing to a musical, romantic day.

– CARDS, CARS, OURS! – Give them a greeting card on their bday, when they are unwell or to thank them for their lovely gestures. Go for a drive in the car (You drive them, give them a break!) and spend time ALONE (let them know, you planned alone time just for them!).

– COOK IT UP: Take a day to COOK ONLY THEIR FAVORITE FOOD. Rest of the family can play along at least for a day??!

– There are many other ways to express love. Get creative. Getting too busy with our in laws, children, work, routine, etc. can keep us from remembering that we must invest time, energy and love in our relationship for it to continue to thrive!


Venting Our Feelings



Much of the essence of a woman comes from her talking. Imagine if we had a ‘Women Silence Day’ around the world, the noise pollution could remarkably drop. Be it that way for a month and men wouldn’t complain of ear infections… Ha ha.

The yummy recipes and food, cosmetics & beauty, home, children & pregnancy, health & exercise, men and more are the forever hottest topics among us ladies. We can be rightfully titled as the ‘liveliest walky talky magazines’ on this planet.

Going into details comes naturally to most of us. A new lipstick brand would be discussed for ten minutes: the shades, the shade number, the price and all possible stores you could find it on. The new clothes store on the block has been dissected to the core: all the brand names available, from where the clothes are imported and much more. We are the dictionary to what happens in homes, in stores and in town. Don’t you think more women than men should be hired as marketing heads?!

The all round counseling center is found among the ladies’ circle. You can bank your luck for getting tips on gardening, staying fit and healthy, making the best of your kitchen, getting your hairstyle right and running a home bank.

Overhear a conversation and you are bound to hear us share and support each other for the smallest of concerns: “I don’t understand why my kid doesn’t drink milk?” “I went berserk finding my car keys yesterday.” “You’ll be fine, don’t worry” and “I am just round the corner whenever you need a shoulder to cry on.” That reminds me not to forget the free of cost water resource that lies within us.

The ‘teary’ seasons are absolutely unpredictable for more than few men. It is definitely more difficult than hiking Mount Kilimanjaro or swimming Lake Victoria! “She was perfectly fine a minute ago; I wonder what tore her down!” Is that how men feel very often? Ha ha. I can’t help but laugh.

The fragile, ‘touch me not’ silk threaded girl friend takes a 360 degree alteration into a ‘dare you mess with me’ wife! The woman, who is full of mercy and sympathy for the neighbor’s dog and for your friend’s husband, is cruelly unkind with you. What a pity! “It is more difficult to tackle a wife than tackling a rotten boss”… I can imagine that being the punch line for an ‘All Men Magazine.’ The problem is most often men are busily entangled into our beauty and when it’s time for duty (take over the good husband role), you fail miserably. Men who have mastered ‘what women want’ are the ones with the kingly crowns.

Keeping aside the teary sessions, women don’t blank out comedy shows from their fun times. I haven’t seen a group of women depart without a light laughter or a heart filled smile.

“Did you notice our boss’s new hairstyle? He looks so funny!” says Aisha to Yesta. “Yes, looks like he has returned from some crazy ‘Adam found Eve’ on an island episode.” I have also known of girls who whistle to the hunk passing by. I’d be one of them in fact!

I was in the 5th grade (10 years old) when the boy in class called me ‘STUPID,’ my reaction was pretty much programmed to me and unexpected to him – I turned around and slapped him. Ha ha. The shock left him in great silence, the teacher never found out!  

Women are not unpredictable; men must know where to dig, when and how… Haha.

Well, I hope you had some fun reading this humorous article. Women are not that bad after all. The warmth of the Venus and the shield of the Mars, both are required in this world. 


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HIGH IMPACT STRESS REDUCTION – Step by Step Tutorial by Coach Rima Desai

In this article, I share with you a high impact, highly effective technique to reduce your daily stress. These techniques are quick and easy. They can be practiced on the go – in the shower, at the traffic light, before bed, upon waking up or anytime in the day when you have just 2 minutes. Yes, in just 2 minutes of your day you can transform how your mind and body feels! Read on… 

It was the summer of 1997, I was 16 years young, helping an infant fall asleep. The mom was out on a walk and her infant boy woke up in his sleep, I put him on my shoulders, tapped him gently and soothed him back to sleep. After 20 years, I still remember that feeling because it was ‘paradise’ – the sense of fulfillment I got from having a baby in my arms. All I wanted to be then, was a Mom! That dream came true in 2009 when I realized I had a baby growing in my womb. 

It feels amazing to be a Mom, from conception to delivery and through the growing years. What we do not know before conception though, is the forever ‘Mommy Stress’ that is to follow. The stress is not just the fact of having kid/s to care for in so many ways, but the family dynamics, the body dynamics, lack of time for self-care and lack of support that comes with it. We are largely still a traditional society. We do not get the freedom to take down time, breathe, live, love and laugh like we would before we were a mom or a wife. 

I am a practicing Life-Coach for Women since 2 years now and my core clientele is MOMS. I teach moms from across the world, life-skills and coping strategies to manage, reduce, alleviate stress, depression, anxiety and the constant sense of ‘overwhelm’ that prevails through our life years. All of my clients learn these powerful 2 minute techniques to quickly alleviate stress and feel a deep sense of calm. This is commonly known as ‘Grounding’ or ‘Centering’ in USA. I have received excellent feedback from my clients with my grounding techniques.

                                                     WHAT DOES ‘GROUNDING’ MEAN?

Understanding physiology helps add benefit to an activity. Grounding is a technique to connect back to the ‘ground’ or ‘Earth’. We are made of 5 elements: air, water, earth, fire and ethers. Our feelings are held in the heart chakra area in the center of our chest. We process our thoughts in the brain – which is away from the ground/earth. When we are stressed, we are essentially engaged in our ‘thoughts’ or ‘feelings’ – something that is more ‘airy’ in nature or in other words we are moving into our abstract, etheric body, away from the grounding reality of our biological self. The more stressed we get, the deeper we dive into the air, floating element which can give rise to feelings of insecurity, anxieties, worry, feeling unsafe, etc. 

By grounding ourselves, we bring our attention back to the physical body, reconnect with the Earth we live on and that brings a sense of security and calm. It also helps us stay in the ‘HERE and NOW’ as vs. in the “What Was” or “What ifs”.

                                                     BENEFITS OF GROUNDING

  •  Immediate stress reduction
  •  Higher frustration tolerance
  •  A sense of emotional calm and security
  •  Better emotional immunity
  •  Direct impact on health and your relationships
  •  Increased focus at work 
  •  Being more ‘present’ for your family 
  •  Increased self-confidence
  •  Great technique to be used in depression, anxiety
  •  Excellent technique for high stress situations like interviews, exams, difficult situations, etc.

                                                  HOW TO GROUND YOURSELF

You need 2 to 4 minutes of your time. If you have more time, you can use upto 10 minutes as well but 2 minutes is enough too. Step 1 to 5 is the shortest grounding technique you can apply. You may continue if you have more time.

  1. Sit up or stand as straight as you, this helps move energy in a flow, through your central nervous system, creating circulation movements required for healing (that’s why we sit up straight during meditations or lie on our backs).
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Take your mind to your breath and notice how you are inhaling and exhaling. Feel the calm in the rhythm
  4. If there are any thoughts coming to your mind, allow them to pass like passing clouds
  5. Take your mind to your feet and deeply feel the textures around your feet
  6. Imagine your worries, thoughts, feelings are like extra clothes on you like a jacket or a robe. Remove the robe/jacket and put it away. You can also imagine your stress to be like falling leaves or rocks that you throw away. 
  7. Bring your mind back your breathing. As you breathe out, imagine releasing all your uncomfortable feelings, fears, worries, feelings of being stuck, sad, angry or burdened and you breathe in, imagine taking in confidence, love, harmony, joy and a sense of safety.
  8. You may also imagine breathing in your favorite colors for that day in the form of rays or ribbons to add to a sense of comfort and calmness. 
  9. Add your own creativity with a positive focus. E.g.: You may add shimmer around you, rays of white light falling above you.
  10. There are deeper levels of grounding which you can dive into. HEAR MY SHORT VIDEO TUTORIAL.

                              HOW OFTEN SHOULD WE GROUND OURSELVES?

Did you know that we are exposed to constant stimulation in so many ways in today’s world. Stimulation means the use of our 5 senses to take in information. We are constantly hearing sounds, seeing movements, feeling textures in the real and reel world combined. We are also unknowingly smelling subtle fragrances and eating at intervals which keeps our sense organs ‘heightened’. Since the sense organs are the gateway to our MIND (emotional body processing), soothing our sense organs. We also take in upto 75,000 thoughts in a day! 

By now it must be easy for you to answer this question. We must ground ourselves DAILY, preferably twice or 3ce a day. After all it is a 2 minute activity.  

                                   YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS ACTIVITY

Please share your thoughts and experience with this activity. I have seen massive changes in my clients with this simple, highly effective technique. I want you to know that small changes can create big impact. There is one KEY word here: CONSISTENCY. You cannot see an impact by doing this once or twice or without continuous commitment. If we cannot commit 2 minutes to ourselves daily, we are missing out on LIFE. We are losing ourselves to what matters most – our stability, our health, our family, our life! 



Are TWIN FLAMES fairly recent on Earth?

Who said TWIN FLAMES is a Recent Concept?

(This concept is brought to you Organically by Rima Desai)

People talk about #TwinFlames are being a Recent Concept. We are so wrong!

Radha-Krishna the epic Godly couple from Ancient India, are Twin Flames. Radha and Krishna are the most famous couple in the Indian mythology, depicting the epitome of Love, Kindness, Godliness. Even though Krishna had many wives and Radha was never married to him, Krishna is never shown without Radha and neither ever shown with his wives. His soul is shared by Radha and hence they are always prayed, depicted and looked upon together as INSEPARABLE.

Radha and Krishna’s love cannot be worded in humanly ways because their love was so supreme and strong, it surpassed all humanly dimensions. They shared the most ETERNAL, HIGHEST FORM of LOVE, Unconditionally loved each other. They could hear each other’s thoughts despite physical separation and they did not require the traditional ‘marriage’ as a form of unison or to feel the deepest form of love for each other. They broke all cultural taboos and yet were worshiped for the quality of love and virtues that they set for generations to come. Radha and Krishna are Twin Flames and hence are depicted TOGETHER as inseparable over eternal Centuries.

If you as well are in a Twin Flame Relationship, you know how SACRED this Relationship is. It requires a tough heart, an old soul and a virtuous existence to be blessed by a Twin Flame Relationship. I feel very lucky to be so! Do you?

Brought to you organically by Rima Desai