Are you a Fiery Element?

Which element are you? I have been a curious soul since childhood. I enjoy learning about simple & complex human behavior. The types of people, their thoughts, culture, perceptions and personalities. It is all fascinating to learn what makes some people ‘predictable’ in key ways. Today we are talking about FIRE ELEMENT PEOPLE in Rima’sContinue reading “Are you a Fiery Element?”

What is an Angel Card Reading (Oracle)?

The world of Tarot is a well elected method to derive answers to our personal and professional problems. I mean who doesn’t know of Tarot, even non-believers do. Tarot is believed to be traced back to the 16th century in its origin or interpretation thereof. Angel Cards we can say are a derivation of theContinue reading “What is an Angel Card Reading (Oracle)?”

WHY IS CORONAVIRUS here? An Anti-World Revelation

WHY is CORONAVIRUS here? Everyone wants to know the answer to WHY here, when will it end, what is the solution? The answer to this in the Spiritual, non-worldly realm is cushioned under the truths of many layers. Let me begin with the very basics: Everyday our body needs to cleanse itself of it’s junk.Continue reading “WHY IS CORONAVIRUS here? An Anti-World Revelation”


Please note that the original term is KARM, not KARMAS (western version). Hence you will see me use the term Karm or Karm(a)s often in the text today. Did you know that 2019 has been one of the most potent year of our generation, astrologically speaking. Have you found this year to be exceptionally challenging?Continue reading “REFINE YOUR DESTINY ~ KARM(a) THEORY”


Do you find it hard to express your love to your loved ones? This post is for you! Isn’t it amazing to have good friends in our life, no matter how far they are! I was having this heart to heart conversation with a very close friend and discovered something new about her! Expressing OURContinue reading “KEEP THE SPARK ALIVE!”


WHAT HAPPENS TYPICALLY WHEN WOMEN MEET? HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS HUMOROUS, HONEST READ Much of the essence of a woman comes from her talking. Imagine if we had a ‘Women Silence Day’ around the world, the noise pollution could remarkably drop. Be it that way for a month and men wouldn’t complain of ear infections…Continue reading “WOMEN, GOSSIP & A NO MAN’S LAND”

HIGH IMPACT STRESS REDUCTION – Step by Step Tutorial by Coach Rima Desai

In this article, I share with you a high impact, highly effective technique to reduce your daily stress. These techniques are quick and easy. They can be practiced on the go – in the shower, at the traffic light, before bed, upon waking up or anytime in the day when you have just 2 minutes.Continue reading “HIGH IMPACT STRESS REDUCTION – Step by Step Tutorial by Coach Rima Desai”

Are TWIN FLAMES fairly recent on Earth?

Who said TWIN FLAMES is a Recent Concept? (This concept is brought to you Organically by Rima Desai) People talk about #TwinFlames are being a Recent Concept. We are so wrong! Radha-Krishna the epic Godly couple from Ancient India, are Twin Flames. Radha and Krishna are the most famous couple in the Indian mythology, depicting the epitome ofContinue reading “Are TWIN FLAMES fairly recent on Earth?”