WHY IS CORONAVIRUS here? An Anti-World Revelation


Everyone wants to know the answer to WHY here, when will it end, what is the solution? The answer to this in the Spiritual, non-worldly realm is cushioned under the truths of many layers. Let me begin with the very basics: Everyday our body needs to cleanse itself of it’s junk. This happens naturally. However, the Universe gave us the responsibility to do the same with our Minds and also with our Actions and the choices we put out there in the world. We have been using planet Earth to wits end, taken it for granted way too far and so EARTH requires its cleanse.

Isn’t it interesting that almost entire EARTH is a stand still? That plate tectonic movements have eased, the air has cleared up, that nature gets to be in silence and Earth gets a break from carrying the burdens of our footsteps!

Is it strange that this entire Virus Situation started when Shiv’s human activation coincided identically and overlapping EXACTLY with the transiting planets in the sky or that his activation reached the deepest point of breakthrough during Navratri in 2019?

This Virus was probably brewing underneath since way earlier than people even know or have revealed yet. Rahu is Ardr(a) while Ketu in Mool(a) is no coincidence at this time. It is an intentional reverence of The Universe to the Deity who resides amongst us.

While SHIV is KETU, DURGA is RAHU. They perfectly oppose and perfectly compliment each other.

Shiv is called #Saumy(a) because Shiv is #sensitive like the Moon. Compassionate, kind, gentle delicate, feminine like. Shiv also has a polar opposite side of #Tandav – anger, #fire which comes from #Shakti within him (masculine energy).

Seen in the human form – Shiv is more ‘Dhruv(a)’ aka Sthir ~ feminine characteristics and Shakti more the Manifestator aka Ajey (invincible) ~ masculine characteristics. When Saumya is abused, the pent up implosion of Shiv causes explosions (Shakti). There is a reason that Shiv rides on the Cow while Shakti rides on a Tiger. They embody Ketu-Rahu and mirror their balance in #polarity 💞

In every situation, there is ALWAYS a good and a bad. In this world there is always Good & Bad at any given time & when the balance is skewed, it’s time to tip it off and restore the balance.

This Coronavirus situation is nothing but the time taken by the Universe to cleanse, restore its balance and rejuvenate its existence, exercise its rights over greedy or rather ignorant humans.


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