This is an EXCELLENT GAME to get to know if anything WRONG is going on in your child’s life outside your knowledge. This game also brings a lot of closeness and bonding amongst family members and helps you discover things about each other you probably did not know. #mustplay #GAMES#family #parenting      Continue reading “FAMILY GAME TIME”

Comedy with Kids! Free Tickels…All Day!

Also posted in Parent-Edge Magazine on Aug 28, 2015 Having fun with kids is as easy as 2 + 2. Literally, all one needs is Kids and the willingness to be open, to be guided by kids themselves. We truly know a lot more about life as kids than as adults. Think of itContinue reading “Comedy with Kids! Free Tickels…All Day!”

ARIZONA’S REAL LIFE STORY: A Contagious Act of Kindness!

ACTS OF KINDNESS Often as parents we are frenzied over what to teach our kids and what to leave out. It seems the world’s encyclopedia cannot fit in everything that we may want our kids to learn. The most popular is of course, all the classes we want them to take; especially influenced by the ones theirContinue reading “ARIZONA’S REAL LIFE STORY: A Contagious Act of Kindness!”