Welcome to Rima Desai’s: TheGuidingStar

Rima Desai is an inspirational executive women’s coach and kids’ mentor. This site gives you an overview of her work, her life and several of the articles written by her across various media platforms. Rima’s articles cover PARENTING, SELF-CARE, SPIRITUALITY, COOKING and TRAVEL

This site has several resources. At the top of the page, you can access several tabs that tell you about ME, MY SERVICES, MY PICTURES, CONTACT ME, etc.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, hopeless or depresssed? Feeling that no one loves you or wish your family understood you? https://theguidingstar.org/my-current-services/

Are you frustrated with your child’s temper tantrums? Wonder how to control and discipline your child? Read this: https://theguidingstar.org/2016/08/26/the-temper-tantrum-mystery-solved-2/

Sugar cravings? Read this: https://wordpress.com/page/theguidingstar.org/67813


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