• CAMPS: Indoor Summer Camp and all other holiday camps for ages 3yrs – 7yrs. I have independently held 40+ weeks of camps at my home. We do arts, indoor and outdoor sports, personality development, academics and lots of fun!
    *Varying prices
  • SPECIALIZED WRITING CLASSES: for toddlers, elementary kids and special needs’ kids. I am a certified Handwriting Specialist and equipped with unique tools and techniques to prepare your child for competitive school and high school performance.
    *$20/hour or multi-session packages



‘Life is not about winning or losing, it is about not losing oneself’. T

My forte is helping women and moms succeed in their lives by recognizing and filling the gray / missing areas of their lives with direction, love and support. Common topics: Self-Confidence, Anger-Management, How to Say Yes and No when you want to, Depression, Post partum health, Health topics and so on:


Why I am the right person to guide you?

I have been there, done that and emerged as a proud survivor. As a recipient of chronic, childhood trauma, I had developed major fears, unhealthy emotional and eating habits and very low self-esteem which stayed with me for very long. The survivor spirit in me got me to be an ace Psychology student and emerge as a new, inspirational leader. I have known what is depression for 10+ years of childhood, seen women being suppressed including myself, been in a ‘very traditional’ Indian marriage, lived in 3 different continents and seen major career challenges. I have emerged healthy and successful out of it all with the help of my education, therapists, inner will and expertise. I have the ‘tools’ and ‘HEALTHY cheat sheets’ to get you to where you belong: Success and Happiness.

The power to change your life is within you. I want to show you HOW to do it and gift you with some special tools from my POWER-BOX! With a 100% NON-JUDGMENTAL, CONFIDENTIAL approach in guiding you through your personal problems, you are guaranteed to find results if you are willing to give yourself a chance. You can be in any part of the world to get my support through my PHONE COACHING SERVICES.

I have Education and Experience as both: A Certified Counseling Psychologist and a Certified Emotional Wellness Coach. This helps me give you the best of both. Read all about me here:

*$60/hour or multi-session packages



Horoscope / Chart consultations along with coaching to reach your goals or improve your life or simply get emotional strength to steer through your circumstance. Phone or in person, you can be anywhere in the world.

*Starting from $60 onwards

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I have known Meditation since age 12. Both of these are POWERFUL Techniques to influence our subconscious mind and manage our lives. We operate in our day to day lives based on the beliefs that are seated in our subconscious mind. Every hour we think 75,000 thoughts and if we give it a close look, 80%  of them are self-defeating or negative. Common topics for hypnotherapy and meditation: Smoking, Self-Confidence, Depression, Weight Loss, Eating Habits, More money, prosperity, better relationships, success and happiness in life.

Hypnotherapy is like a form of meditation and is not harmful to the body or mind in any way. Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is a way to communicate with our subconscious mind using imagery and guided instruction. Our mind has the power to decide what it must keep and leave out to keep us Safe. If it is not acceptable, your mind will not go into that state.

I offer you Meditation and basic Hypnotherapy classes for your peace and inner strength.


*$60/hour or multi-session packages





Angels are messengers of God which guide us conditionally for our highest good. Angel card reading is an excellent medium to gain immediate clarity and confirmation for one’s career, finances or personal life. I have witnessed incredible synchronicity and miracle in my angel card sessions.

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SUPPORT GROUP for WOMEN / MOMS: Upcoming – Future project



Qualifications: Certified Counseling Psychologist & Certified Life-Skills Coach.

                               Certified Childcare Professional & Certified Handwriting Specialist

                                Reiki Level I and II & Certified Aura Reader


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