Coach Rima Desai @

More Than Your Average Coach!

As a Life-Coach and Spiritual Mentor, I am passionate about delivering outstanding results across 3 key areas –

Raise your awareness: clarity of what’s truly going on.

Hold you accountable: take charge of your life.

Boost your confidence with valuable action steps: make lasting changes to produce desired results.


Let’s rebuild your self-identity, get clarity of who you are, what you see and nail the issue at hand


I use cutting-edge life-coaching tools to enhance your experiences of self-discovery as you move out of your comfort zone. I unconditionally support to explore what it feels like to be a winner! I show you how to take charge of your life, choose wisely and move forward.


Ultimately, we must get results. Productive outcomes to all the inner work we do in our sessions, is the key to lasting changes!

Life is about being the best versions of ourselves. We get one life, let’s live it to our optimum!

About Me

I identify myself as a starseed, passionate to live life on Earth in all its shades and forms. Alike many starseeds, I am born here with a strong mission to raise the consciousness of the planet, particularly in the realm of women & children issues. I am a natural ‘mother’ at heart and a strong ‘Mars’ in my soul. I value courage & bravery along with compassion above all other values.

In this body, I have attained a Masters in Counseling Psychology, Life Coaching & Reiki I, II & SRT certifications. I love serving society & enjoy my current mini audience with astrology & spiritual content vlogging.

Get in Touch

Let us work together to drive your life towards joy and success. We can work together from anywhere in the world. My expertise lies in Virtual Work as much as in person sessions!

Virtual, Online work
Phoenix, Arizona

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