Comedy with Kids! Free Tickels…All Day!

Also posted in Parent-Edge Magazine on Aug 28, 2015

Having fun with kids is as easy as 2 + 2. Literally, all one needs is Kids and the willingness to be open, to be guided by kids themselves. We truly know a lot more about life as kids than as adults. Think of it – as adults we are stressed, we need Yoga, we need therapy, we need medicines, psychiatrists, and what nots! As kids all we need is – AN OPPORTUNITY, ANY OPPORTUNITY and we can create that into fun, laughter, joy, charisma!


Today was our ‘Planned Funny Day’. We did not have any activities planned until the day began. All we knew is that we were going to wear our T-shirts ‘Backside Front’ and have fun! What began with a simple I-D-E-A, transformed into a day of thrill with a bunch of absolute crazy heads!

Here is a quick post (may be edited later) on the dozen ideas that ‘popped’ up like a string from a magician’s hat, merely from the start of a single wish to have fun!!!! I wont have some pictures here which features all the front faces but some cropped images to look forward to.

So we had my daughter’s friends visit me for this ‘Fun Day’. As they came with T-shirts rolled back, it was fun to see the spirit splashing around. Here’s one kid who totally flaunted this:


And then I was the role-model of course. Got the kids ‘cracked up’ with these ones :D


We used props to become different ‘Personalities’ and believe me we laughed, danced, marched our funny bands too!


             11       13







That’s that for all the snap shots for our big shots! Let’s move now to fun activities. Who knows about the ‘Donkey’s Tail’?

4   10 Ha ha!

Our art was about making Funny Puppet Faces. Kids can be K-reative!


We Colored Mr. Clown

452px-Ink-clown-Step-7   17

Then I had TICKLE – FINGERS: tickles18 (SOURCE Google Images Filtered Search)

and lastly we played a Game which kids love. We call it the Freeze Laugh games. We freeze in groups and kids in pairs must make us laugh around some rules.

It was a Crazy, Fun Day for Us. Feeling Inspired for Fun?!



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Hi, I am Rima Desai currently living in USA, Az. I love being a Mom and uplifting other Moms through their trials and troubles. I am a Certified and highly experienced Psychologist, Women Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Kids' Coach. I also take pleasure in inspiring and guiding TWIN FLAMES like me in their path to divinity. I support moms through their Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Parenting peeves and Self-Confidence through my one-on-one Coaching sessions, Parenting Articles and Inspriing LIVE Facebook Videos. Website:

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