Are TWIN FLAMES fairly recent on Earth?

Who said TWIN FLAMES is a Recent Concept?

(This concept is brought to you Organically by Rima Desai)

People talk about #TwinFlames are being a Recent Concept. We are so wrong!

Radha-Krishna the epic Godly couple from Ancient India, are Twin Flames. Radha and Krishna are the most famous couple in the Indian mythology, depicting the epitome of Love, Kindness, Godliness. Even though Krishna had many wives and Radha was never married to him, Krishna is never shown without Radha and neither ever shown with his wives. His soul is shared by Radha and hence they are always prayed, depicted and looked upon together as INSEPARABLE.

Radha and Krishna’s love cannot be worded in humanly ways because their love was so supreme and strong, it surpassed all humanly dimensions. They shared the most ETERNAL, HIGHEST FORM of LOVE, Unconditionally loved each other. They could hear each other’s thoughts despite physical separation and they did not require the traditional ‘marriage’ as a form of unison or to feel the deepest form of love for each other. They broke all cultural taboos and yet were worshiped for the quality of love and virtues that they set for generations to come. Radha and Krishna are Twin Flames and hence are depicted TOGETHER as inseparable over eternal Centuries.

If you as well are in a Twin Flame Relationship, you know how SACRED this Relationship is. It requires a tough heart, an old soul and a virtuous existence to be blessed by a Twin Flame Relationship. I feel very lucky to be so! Do you?

Brought to you organically by Rima Desai


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