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I promised to speak more about other Deities. We have in the past few weeks, explored the idea of Deities incarnated on Earth, looking like ‘regular’ human beings. I have spoken a lot about Shiv-Durga’s presence and this entire Earth Change, Earth’s Healing aka COVID deeply related to it also, activated by Shiva’s massive Kundalini Awakening as the 3rd eye opens!

A quick recap – Goddess Durga who has now ascended to the calmer form aka Goddess Ambe is regarded the Universal Mother. She has powers of the Moon – a Strong Water Sign, she aims to protect, support and guide women and children. She has natural parenting, mothering, nurturing skills and a very strong Mars aka courage as found in the hearts of Mothers. A mother will do anything to protect her child, will take risks, be bold, speak up, fight if needed!

Durga/Maa Ambe is called the Ardh (half) form of Shiv(a) as being born from him aka the Universal Father as per Hinduism. She balances the feminine and masculine energies along with Shiv. We witness strong shades of femininity in Shiv and strong shades of masculinity in Durga. Durga is a strong water (moon, emotions) element while embodying the balance of all the other 3 elements in her (air, fire, earth).

We find the element of Ethers strong in all the chief Deities, in differing levels with one of the highest being in Shiv’s existence! All the Goddesses will posses differing levels of strength in EACH element with some being their predominant elements, followed by the other elements in varied proportions.

Talking more to Saraswati and Lakshmi. Goddess Saraswati is here to protect ‘knowledge’, ‘scriptures’, ‘classical arts’ and continue the tradition of self-connection by cultivating deep connection through classical arts and traditional, ancient knowledge. In the human form we see her a strong Fire Sign who values higher knowledge, continued learning and education above everything else. She is also a keen listener. You will find her being more traditional in her attire, bringing to light the most classical form of Indian culture. Music, words, knowledge flow through her easily. She has a stronger masculine side, high fire element, followed by water.

Goddess Lakshmi on the other hand is the powerful Air Sign- blessed with a strong Venus – the lover of art, trade, wealth, health and human interaction. Libra is the sign of BALANCE. Lord Lakshmi teaches us to balance our material and spiritual side, balance our give-take in human relations, be more tolerant of each other, value the ‘good’ in everyone and easily attract abundance. She is the most feminine of all the 3 Goddesses, high air element, followed by fire.

While Shiv-Durga, may be ‘extremists’ in their focus on spirituality, wisdom, philosophy and values and be too intense for some, Devi Lakshmi connects more deeply to ‘Earthiness’ of things- the Real Deal in the day to day and how to make it work for you while Devi Saraswati teaches the importance of our Mental Body aka Intelligence.

✨🕉Lord Shiv and Durga are called the #Universal Father (Sun’s powers) and Mother (Moon’s powers) within the Hindu mythology. They are excellent to pray for Wisdom, Courage, Will power, inner strength, Resilience, Emotional I.Q., Parenting

✨🕉Lord Lakshmi and Vishnu are excellent to pray for Balance and Harmony in life + in human relationships,Good Health and lots of Financial Prosperity/conveniences (with good intentions).

✨🕉Lord Saraswati and Brahma are excellent to pray for Memory, Focus, Concentration, Education, knowledge, Intelligence aka mental functions.

While all deities have higher order values in general, they specialize in these core areas while being on their own higher ascension.

Self-Awareness, spirituality

What is an Angel Card Reading (Oracle)?

The world of Tarot is a well elected method to derive answers to our personal and professional problems. I mean who doesn’t know of Tarot, even non-believers do. Tarot is believed to be traced back to the 16th century in its origin or interpretation thereof.

Angel Cards we can say are a derivation of the Tarot dating back mostly to the 19th C. I have worked alongside Angels or rather accepted their guidance for over half a decade now, although my true readings began in 2017.

What are Angel Cards?

As the name suggests, Angel Cards are sourced back to the belief that ‘Angels’ @ messengers of God are around us, to unconditionally support our soul journey towards our highest good. As invisible as air itself, when ‘tuned in’, we can sense their presence through mere intuition, feelings, sparkles in the air, feathers or coins around us or through even the repeating numeric patterns that often baffle us. I must tell you that Angel Cards are simply amazing, because the (seemingly invisible) Guardian and ArchAngels that surround us are fabulous at what they do – giving us insightful guidance with a spark of inner belief, motivation and valuable affirmations.

All of us have 2 guardian angels assigned at birth and a set of divine team that consists of other angels and ArchAngels. Our Angels love us unconditionally. They want the very best for us even if that means challenging us beyond our comfort zone. They have zero personal agenda and despite the divine guidance, cannot influence or override our FREE WILL.

I tell my clients to imagine Angels hovering above us like helicopters. Being omniscient, omnipresent, clairvoyant and coming from a place of true, unconditional love for us, angels are able to observe our past, present and the next best steps forwards for our soul growth.

Having understood this, I can tell you that Angel Cards (also sometimes known as Oracle Cards) are able to guide us towards our highest good, best solutions and practices in any area of our life. Similar to Tarot, it utilizes a span of cards dealt and energetically activated by the practitioner. The client is able to ask a question relevant to ANY area of his/ her life or alternatively, keep an open ground for whatever guidance received.

Through the cards picked up, Angels then guide the client towards possible truths, awareness, options and solutions by highlighting obstacles to growth, best steps forward and the necessary areas of inner growth for future success. Angels are simply amazing at picking out our inner, unhealthy emotional patterns and subconscious beliefs. They want to gently guide, inspire and motivate us to align our intentions to our highest truth. Hence, often times the answers to even concrete, materialistic questions like career, job and money could lie in hidden spiritual growth

I like to think of angels as invisible Life-Coaches and excellent Spiritual Coaches.

E.g. A question on career asked by my client was responded by the angels by drawing attention to her own self-doubts. Another client who asked about career and finance was given the guidance to soften her heart with love and relax her rigid mental boundaries / rules. The client responded with affirmation, telling me that it made perfect sense!


There are different Angel Card decks. However, personally, I have used the ArchAngels Oracle Cards the most. It is a 45 card deck with 15 ArchAngels, each assigned 3 cards based on their individual expertise. This means that each ArchAngel is an expert at certain dimensions of life just like we humans are – some in health, some in finance, some in emotional health, etc.

I have done most of my readings virtually either Video over Skype or WhatsApp or Audio call – based on the client’s preference.


Both Tarot and AC help give us answers, guide us to solutions however, tarot can be more definitive and more focused in the Earthy dimension. E.g. Tarot can tell you in how many months you are likely to get married, which job out of the 3 you are likely to get, etc. Tarot can help get us real world answers in the concrete.

Angel Cards also give us answers which are broadened to our overall GROWTH as vs. just the particular question we ask. Angel Cards are EXCELLENT at picking up our blind spots, the areas of growth we shy away from or confirming our doubts and reassuring us in the face of our insecurities.

Until date I have found 99% of my clients extremely happy with their reading (extremely rare a case when the client leaves with the lack of clarity. Very often this is the case when there are internal blocks to growth). They understand the interpretations pertaining to their context and get BIG, emotional and spiritual take-aways from it. I love it because while Tarot can just give us these answers in the 3D, an Oracle deck can provide us with answers from higher dimensions that will TRANSFORM our life in a much larger way should we follow that guidance.


We can do a 3 card or a 10 card reading. The practitioner spiritually connects to the divine force of the client and allows for his / her own divine team to mutually guide the reading. A sacred space is created in the reading area including but not limited to lighting a candle, incense, being clean in one’s body (shower, etc.), placing flowers, etc.

In a 3 card reading, the practitioner pulls out 3 cards – looking over the present, past and future or the current mindset, blockages and solutions. It helps to answer one question in depth.

A 10 card on the other hand gives very thorough details about one question. It can highlight influences from other people, from the past, best practices, how to overcome our difficulty, etc. A 10 card reading typically take 45 minutes.

I offer 30 minute and a 60 minute reading based on client choice, both often done virtually for people around the world! BOOK A SESSION NOW