Please note that the original term is KARM, not KARMAS (western version). Hence you will see me use the term Karm or Karm(a)s often in the text today. Did you know that 2019 has been one of the most potent year of our generation, astrologically speaking. Have you found this year to be exceptionally challenging?Continue reading “REFINE YOUR DESTINY ~ KARM(a) THEORY”

who is god

‪#‎Religion‬ ‪#‎Fanatic‬ beliefs ‪#‎Meat‬ or No meat? Who is ‪#‎God‬? Very annoyed with a Parent who has been teaching this Child all kinds of DONT- DOs because GOD WILL GET ANGRY if you DO!! What is the concept of God you paint in a child’s mind? And the reasons you give a child for notContinue reading “who is god”