5 Minutes To Heaven

WARNING: This exercise shifts your vibrations quickly and very powerfully! It creates DEEP IMPACT, in a super short time and changes vibrations of your body, mind, spirit – health, emotions and soul and improves your relationships, abundance, sense of well-being, reduces stress and more! Proceed only if you need all or any of these ;) WatchContinue reading “5 Minutes To Heaven”

who is god

‪#‎Religion‬ ‪#‎Fanatic‬ beliefs ‪#‎Meat‬ or No meat? Who is ‪#‎God‬? Very annoyed with a Parent who has been teaching this Child all kinds of DONT- DOs because GOD WILL GET ANGRY if you DO!! What is the concept of God you paint in a child’s mind? And the reasons you give a child for notContinue reading “who is god”