who is god

‪#‎Religion‬ ‪#‎Fanatic‬ beliefs ‪#‎Meat‬ or No meat? Who is ‪#‎God‬? Very annoyed with a Parent who has been teaching this Child all kinds of DONT- DOs because GOD WILL GET ANGRY if you DO!! What is the concept of God you paint in a child’s mind? And the reasons you give a child for notContinue reading “who is god”

Falafel Fiesta – Yum!!

So here is my CCC Falafel half inspired by me watching my talented aunt cook Falafel a few years ago and half inspired by my crazy mind. This purely Vegetarian dish can also be made VEGAN by keeping out the Optional Ingredients and can be awed for its nutritional fillers- high proteins, calcium, iron, with moderate carbs and fats.