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What is an Angel Card Reading (Oracle)?

The world of Tarot is a well elected method to derive answers to our personal and professional problems. I mean who doesn’t know of Tarot, even non-believers do. Tarot is believed to be traced back to the 16th century in its origin or interpretation thereof.

Angel Cards we can say are a derivation of the Tarot dating back mostly to the 19th C. I have worked alongside Angels or rather accepted their guidance for over half a decade now, although my true readings began in 2017.

What are Angel Cards?

As the name suggests, Angel Cards are sourced back to the belief that ‘Angels’ @ messengers of God are around us, to unconditionally support our soul journey towards our highest good. As invisible as air itself, when ‘tuned in’, we can sense their presence through mere intuition, feelings, sparkles in the air, feathers or coins around us or through even the repeating numeric patterns that often baffle us. I must tell you that Angel Cards are simply amazing, because the (seemingly invisible) Guardian and ArchAngels that surround us are fabulous at what they do – giving us insightful guidance with a spark of inner belief, motivation and valuable affirmations.

All of us have 2 guardian angels assigned at birth and a set of divine team that consists of other angels and ArchAngels. Our Angels love us unconditionally. They want the very best for us even if that means challenging us beyond our comfort zone. They have zero personal agenda and despite the divine guidance, cannot influence or override our FREE WILL.

I tell my clients to imagine Angels hovering above us like helicopters. Being omniscient, omnipresent, clairvoyant and coming from a place of true, unconditional love for us, angels are able to observe our past, present and the next best steps forwards for our soul growth.

Having understood this, I can tell you that Angel Cards (also sometimes known as Oracle Cards) are able to guide us towards our highest good, best solutions and practices in any area of our life. Similar to Tarot, it utilizes a span of cards dealt and energetically activated by the practitioner. The client is able to ask a question relevant to ANY area of his/ her life or alternatively, keep an open ground for whatever guidance received.

Through the cards picked up, Angels then guide the client towards possible truths, awareness, options and solutions by highlighting obstacles to growth, best steps forward and the necessary areas of inner growth for future success. Angels are simply amazing at picking out our inner, unhealthy emotional patterns and subconscious beliefs. They want to gently guide, inspire and motivate us to align our intentions to our highest truth. Hence, often times the answers to even concrete, materialistic questions like career, job and money could lie in hidden spiritual growth

I like to think of angels as invisible Life-Coaches and excellent Spiritual Coaches.

E.g. A question on career asked by my client was responded by the angels by drawing attention to her own self-doubts. Another client who asked about career and finance was given the guidance to soften her heart with love and relax her rigid mental boundaries / rules. The client responded with affirmation, telling me that it made perfect sense!


There are different Angel Card decks. However, personally, I have used the ArchAngels Oracle Cards the most. It is a 45 card deck with 15 ArchAngels, each assigned 3 cards based on their individual expertise. This means that each ArchAngel is an expert at certain dimensions of life just like we humans are – some in health, some in finance, some in emotional health, etc.

I have done most of my readings virtually either Video over Skype or WhatsApp or Audio call – based on the client’s preference.


Both Tarot and AC help give us answers, guide us to solutions however, tarot can be more definitive and more focused in the Earthy dimension. E.g. Tarot can tell you in how many months you are likely to get married, which job out of the 3 you are likely to get, etc. Tarot can help get us real world answers in the concrete.

Angel Cards also give us answers which are broadened to our overall GROWTH as vs. just the particular question we ask. Angel Cards are EXCELLENT at picking up our blind spots, the areas of growth we shy away from or confirming our doubts and reassuring us in the face of our insecurities.

Until date I have found 99% of my clients extremely happy with their reading (extremely rare a case when the client leaves with the lack of clarity. Very often this is the case when there are internal blocks to growth). They understand the interpretations pertaining to their context and get BIG, emotional and spiritual take-aways from it. I love it because while Tarot can just give us these answers in the 3D, an Oracle deck can provide us with answers from higher dimensions that will TRANSFORM our life in a much larger way should we follow that guidance.


We can do a 3 card or a 10 card reading. The practitioner spiritually connects to the divine force of the client and allows for his / her own divine team to mutually guide the reading. A sacred space is created in the reading area including but not limited to lighting a candle, incense, being clean in one’s body (shower, etc.), placing flowers, etc.

In a 3 card reading, the practitioner pulls out 3 cards – looking over the present, past and future or the current mindset, blockages and solutions. It helps to answer one question in depth.

A 10 card on the other hand gives very thorough details about one question. It can highlight influences from other people, from the past, best practices, how to overcome our difficulty, etc. A 10 card reading typically take 45 minutes.

I offer 30 minute and a 60 minute reading based on client choice, both often done virtually for people around the world! BOOK A SESSION NOW

Self-Awareness, TWIN FLAMES

Where to Start, Where to Go?

At some point of life or another, each one of us feels the chaos of the Crossroads of life. A churning within which is difficult to express and even harder to get through. Hardships or challenges often come in unannounced ways where we reach a breaking point of having to ultimately make a choice. 

One of those huge challenges for me was to get down to the blunt reality of life. My choice was to continue staying in a marriage which I was finally well aware and in acceptance of as – A Loveless, Dead, Emotionally Apathetic Marriage which I had responsibly lived for 11 years. I had given it all I had, even more and waited for magic to happen long enough. But finally, I had decided to get over my denial. But just like we say that Ignorance is Bliss, it did seem so real for once. Was ignorance bliss? Now, knowing what I knew, I had the crossroads of making a CONSCIOUS CHOICE – To move out and bear the burden of a 7 year young with an almost nil bank balance, no real career given a 10 year lag of working permit in foreign lands OR continue being the Master of Pretense.

This was the real deal, the real test of my life, my strength, my sanity and above all the test of FAITH. I didn’t have any answers to WHO to go to, HOW to do it, WHEN to do it, WHAT exactly needed to be done, WHERE to go and I was shaky about the WHY. 

What led me through all of that was one thing – A deep inner KNOWING of what felt right and the COURAGE to do it anyway. My story is long and rather magical after that. But in short, I took the leap of faith and I can proudly say now that behind every Super Successful Leader you have ever known, was a BEGINNER’s SOUL. You have to take the 1st step forward and allow to ‘Be Guided’ on the rest. 

I was divinely guided by a Team of Humans in the form of Life-Coach, Hypnotherapist, Psychic, Healers whom I sought help from, paid when it felt insane and then followed the Magical journey of the DIVINE GUIDANCE from a Team of inhuman (Supernatural) forces like Angels, Spirit Guides, Deities and more which flipped my barren life terrain into a beautifully flourishing meadow. 

Confused just like I was? START ANYWAY and GO FOR IT. SEEK HELP. You Deserve Support, Success and Joy!!




When Rahu met a Super Star

It is funny how in today’s world of ‘Rahu’ Kaal (The immortal North Node) we consider that a hero who can show much physical strength and power, often shown in movies with special physical powers as that of Spiderman, Ironman and so on. And even though there is emphasis on the internal strength and concentrated energies to activate and sustain those super powers, yet there is just a heavy bodily element there.

The Super Star I am talking about today is nothing like that. He possessed no particular bodily powers and in fact, did not need any. Dated back to 599 B.C. he was and continues to remain one of the most inspiring figures in Indian History. Originally known as ‘Vardhaman’ (birth name), he gained the title of * MAHAVIR (Maha = Super or Great, Vir = Courageous). Thousands of Jain followers bow to Mahavir Bhagwan (Bhagwan = God) on this special day of his Birth (Mahavir Jayanti; Jayanti = Birthday). As per the English calender it fell on April 1, 2018.


For those who are new to JAINISM- It has been comparatively a small but extremely powerful SECT within the Indian cultural setting. Jains are followers of Jainism – a religion that focuses heavily on liberation of the soul by means of conquering the 5 senses and living a life of renunciation and unconditional love. Lord Mahavir was the 24th, last of the Tirthankars (Guide, Spiritual Teacher) of Jainism in this Era of the Earth’s cycle.

I have been lucky to be born in a highly religious Jain family, a family which owned a Jain Temple in India which was open to public. Not only did we pray diligently, we did several group satsangs (spiritual meetings) and attended religious teachings where we were taught and guided by inspiring stories of Lord Mahavir and other previous Jain Lords.

So What makes Lord Mahavir a Super Hero after all?

Mahavir Bhagwan was born in the city of Vaishali (current day Bihar) in a wealthy, kingly family of King Siddharth and Queen Trishala. The birth of a great man was expected by the 14 auspicious dream symbols his pregnant mom received in her sleep.


2. trishala mother dreams.jpg

Despite having several wordly pleasures and services at his command, he exhibited a kind, virtuous nature and deep respect of his parents since childhood. As per his parents’ wishes he married beautiful Yashoda at a young age and had a daughter with her. Vardhaman had immense love from family, good health and unimaginable prosperity and yet he continued to feel disconnected, detached from all those worldly pleasures. He donated tons and tons of gold and charity with ease to several of his people. 2 years after his parents’ demise, he renounced all his worldly pleasures, prosperity, personal bonds and became a homeless ascetic in the search for TRUTH and ENLIGHTENMENT.

For 12.5 years after that he spent his life in a single piece of cloth (to give up sensual pleasure, Jainism taught giving up all that belonged to one’s senses and using the bear minimum needed for survival), with no other bodily belongings (no shoes, no jewelry, no possessions or belongings) and deeply meditated in the jungles with silence and discipline. His massive courage was depicted by his unconditional patience and kindness towards animals, humans and demons who made every attempt to harm him and break his indomitable meditative pose. He was whipped, burnt, bitten, hurt, hammered into by cruel deeds and yet he remained unwavering in his resolve to be at peace and silence. In his meditations he received deep revelations about God, Godliness and liberation from Life and death.



Once of the most powerful stories of Lord Mahavir’s monk life is when he was passing through a jungle path and all villagers had warned him to stay away from that path for the venomous and outrageous snake (Chandkaushik) would immediately kill all those who walked that path. When Lord Mahavir exhibited invincible courage and walked that path with a heart full of unconditional love and peace for the snake, the villagers did not expect him to see him alive again. The snake tried all he could to defeat and scare Lord Mahavir with his fierce moves, bites and behavior. Not only did the snake bite heal itself on Lord Mahavir’s feet but he shed white milk liquid from his body instead of blood when he was bitten. With his loving heart, Lord Mahavir held up his right palm to bless the snake and eventually with his unconditional love, he melt all of the snake’s anger and even healed the snake’s past life emotional patterns of rage and pride. The snake bowed to Lord Mahavir and the villagers could then safely travel that path never to worry again about being attacked.


Many a stories have been told about Lord Mahavir’s UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, irrevocable KINDNESS and unshakeable internal will power. There were days and weeks he spent on forced fast with no food to be found anywhere as he refused to eat Non-Vegetarian (organisms with 3 or more senses) or Underground food (roots have unlimited amounts of micro-organisms) of any kind. He liberated Chandanbala from her shackles and ultimately attained Kevalgyan (ULtimate, Universal Knowledge) owing to his constant dedication to peaceful instrospection. Kevalgyan is attained only by those who are completely conquered the 5 senses, have no sensual desires left to fulfill.

He then sermoned for several years, enlightening not only humans of all languages but even animals and other organisms by his own single speech and dialect (He was internally so powerful that each organism understood his speech in their own language). His spirit was then liberated from the birth-death cycle forever and became an enlightened, liberted soul, inspiring, motivating and guiding millions of Jain followers for centuries later.



My love for Mahavir Swami (Swami = Lord) is very deep. When I was in my early 20s and had visited Jodhpur, Rajastan, my family went up to the top of the fort to get the view of the city and tour the fort. I however, sat a full 2 hours in Mahavir Swami’s temple, looked at him, meditated and cried for wanting to be like him, with him, following his path. Post that deep connection that I had found with him in that temple, Lord Mahavir visited me in my dreams early in the morning on the way back to my home. The bright, bold Halo around his head and his charismatic presence and words are still fresh in my mind – soul after a decade and a half.

It was Lord Mahavir who gave us the words – “LIVE and LET LIVE” which meant do no harm to others not only by action but also by thought (don’t judge, don’t criticise, don’t anger) and allow others the freedom to self-expression and life.

Today across the world Lord Mahavir’s Jayanti (birthday) was celebrated with pomp and joy. My celebration of this day was by a Loving Silence for a few minutes and stories of Mahavir Swami’s courage and kindness to my young daughter.

So if you ask me who is my role model, you know that it is no human born in this era! So what or who do you call a SUPER HERO, a SUPER STAR? One that embodies unlimited physical strength to win others through physical power or one that exhibits ultimate Soul Power merely by Unconditional Love, Kindness and Will Power?? What kind of power would you want your children to learn? How do we resolved conflicts in our lives??

* Please note that many Indian names and words don’t traditionally end in an ‘a’ . The ‘a’ in the end is what I have found as an adaption by the western world. There is nothing like Yoga in traditional Indian dictionary or dialect. It is Yog (Exercise of the Soul), It is Mahavir not Mahavira and so on..