Are you a Fiery Element?

Which element are you?

I have been a curious soul since childhood. I enjoy learning about simple & complex human behavior. The types of people, their thoughts, culture, perceptions and personalities. It is all fascinating to learn what makes some people ‘predictable’ in key ways.

Today we are talking about FIRE ELEMENT PEOPLE in Rima’s Astrology Diaries ~

In the Zodiac Belt, the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius denote the fire element, each one progressively less ‘fiery’. One’s sun sign speaks more to one’s outer personality. Here, we are talking about the innate, internalized sense of one’s DNA and in that – people that have their rising sign (Ascendant) or Moon sign (their moon) in the sign of either of these three fire zodiacs as per their horoscope ; or those who have the lord of the first house sitting prominently in a fire zodiac. If you find yourself fitting 75% of these characteristics, you may possibly be a strong fire element!

What characteristics make a strong fire element?

These #Shahrukhkhan are the eyes of a FIRE SIGN (Leo Rising). Fire element people are passionate people who value showcasing their talents, being noticed and appreciated for their work. They demand a social standing & are typically ambitious & entertaining! 

Fire loves to move ‘quickly’ and hence can make for proactive and even impatient people. As the term goes ‘playing with fire’, fire element people are not someone you want to mess with. The no brainer here is the ANGER or RAGE that fire element people can naturally host within themselves. They are fiery! Haha. The best remedy for that is to not play with fire when it’s sparked. Let it cool on its own.

Sociable & very adventurous by nature, they are often game to the thrill of taking quick, bold risks. A life without party & adventure or an overly emotional outlook to life like that of a water element can be too dull for fire element people. They are indeed, vibrant & charming! 

Since Agni tatv gives jeev daan (Fire = life force), fire people have the ability to give generously, enjoy supporting a social cause as long as they are receive overt appreciation for their generosity. Fire people, similar to air elements, need their own space. (Remember, fire can burn away just as much as it can give us). 

Fire and Water are elements that spark each other; being of opposing natures, they often make for great chemistry & complementary counterparts. While water can cool their fiery heads, it can sometimes be too deep or too cold for fast paced, ‘thin’ fire.

In fact, fire always needs ‘air’ to remain alive. While the air element likely sparks the fire to rise further in times of trouble, earth can be too ‘slow’ or too passive for an element as fast paced & enthusiastic as fire. If at all, fire may appreciate the maturity of earth element as long as it doesn’t strip off their fun filled, inner child!

Key values: Fire element people value ‘knowledge’~


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