Great Myths & Misconceptions of Astrology. Things you probably never knew!

Last week, when I created my Astrology Study Group on facebook, 27 people wrote to me, asking me to look at their or their kids’ or husbands’ charts. I have been that person who has always been attracted to Astrology even though my family never depicted that. In terms of Astrology, my passion is to help people understand the TRUE MEANING AND PURPOSE OF ASTROLOGY. We are highly MISGUIDED in our knowledge and use of Astrology.  There is so much I can say about this. Truly! and some of it, I have explained in my video at the end of this article. Do hear the video, there is lots of great information on Astrology in it. Below are some MISCONCEPTIONS we have on Astrology.

When predictions fail, we doubt astrology

If you have a bad experience with a doctor, do you stop believing in the field of medicine or do you simply change your doctor?Astrology is a very accurate and ancient science. It is also a highly complicated subject to understand. It is said that one can never learn astrology in one birth, there are so many complex calculations to be done that only 1% of the world’s population could ‘Master’ this skill. In fact, Astrology is more the work of a Spiritual Soul than that of someone who has learnt it. Hence, when predictions fail, when astrologers tell you things that do not come true, it does not mean that Astrology is wrong. It only means that the Astrologer is not well-equipped.

Astrology is all about Predictions

 False! Predictions are possible in Astrology, but Astrology is so much more about diagnosing the problem areas of one’s life, analyzing the client’s strengths and empowering clients to focus their energies on their strengths. Unfortunately, today’s astrologers have made this subject very ‘fancy’ and ‘commercial’ by projecting it as a Science of Prediction. Hear my video to understand this better.

Astrology can help change your future

There are no real remedies to change our luck. As described in astrology, luck is nothing but accumulated karma – both good and bad and there are only 2 ways around it: face it with pain or face it in a spiritual manner. Gem stones are one of the biggest myths. Astrologers direct clients to gemstones mostly for commercial reasons OR due to the lack of true knowledge. Take a logical approach to this – if gemstones could truly dissolve your problems or make them easier, then all of the world’s problems could easily be solved or reduced. The truth is that there is a big psychological ‘trick’ here. We start BELIEVING that gemstones will help which increases our mental strength and start to attract better things. Gemstones, havans, pujas, etc., are not mentioned in ancient astrology as ‘problem-solvers’. To improve our luck, we must face our probems and by live a ‘satvik’ life: serve the needy, be kind by thought and deed, stop eating animals, work on our anger, greed and pride, meditate, use techniques like reiki and life-coaching to emotionally heal yourselves and so on.

Forecasts are true

There is no such thing as the forecasts you read in newspapers. It was created by someone and sustained by other astrologers to ‘hook’ us to their readings and services. Again, apply some logic here: there are BILLIONS of people on this earth, how can 12 zodiac signs and forecasts based on them apply to billions of people?! Trust that original astrology has no place for or description of daily / monthly forecasts like the way it has been projected to us for so many years. For once, read the forecast of another sun sign and find it to be true for yourself! Again, there is a psychological element here: we want to hear something ‘good’ or ‘fear based predictions’ attract us and no matter what is said, our mind finds a way to apply it to our life.

Sun Signs describe your personality

No two people are alike on this planet and hence, no two horoscopes! 12 sun signs cannot describe the personality of billions of people. Astrology analyzes our personality from so many factors: The rising sign in our horoscope, our moon and sun sign, the constellations and so on. It is a long list! Describing personality based on sun signs is just a ‘fancy’ thing.

 Mangal Dosh(a) or Manglik is the worst thing to have in a chart

In reality, Mangal Dosh means only this: This person is highly ambitious and has an insatiable drive to contribute to the world. Hence, this person focuses less on family life, has more problems in personal family life but is going to be an achiever, a very successful person in society. This also shows a strong athletic drive, angry or impulsive nature in earlier years of life especially before 35 years. It is good for a Manglik to marry a Manglik for they can understand each other’s passionate nature easily but it is a myth that when a non-Manglik marries a Manglik, it threatens their life. A person with Saturn placed in or influencing the 7th house may also marry a manglik as Saturn is opposite of Mars and so helps to tone down the impulsive, angry nature of mars.Mangal dosh is considered when Mars in placed in certain houses like 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th and is a ‘hot’ concept in India. Many people reject marriage proposals to those who have manglik dosh. Many astrologers believe this too.

Saturn is the worst planet and Sade Sati the worst time period 

Contrary, Saturn is the best for polishing out our loose ends into a wise, successful person. Yes, it teaches lessons harshly but it always IMPROVES us in some way. Sade Sati does bring hardships and the extent of hardships depends on Saturn’s position in one’s chart and on the overall horoscope of a person. That period of life can make someone go from rags to riches or riches to rags. The toughest time of Sade Sati is the 2.5 years when Saturn sustains itself on the moon. Don’t fear Saturn, be happy that it strikes to teach and polish us.

Astrology works only if you believe in it 

False! The planets or combinations in our chart continue to influence our life even if we reject the notion of astrology. However, this influence lasts only as long as our focus is a lot on the material side of life. The moment we start meditating and what I call ‘spiritualizing’ regularly, we start breaking the bonds of our karma. Remember religion is following a certain faith while spirituality is working towards self-realization and reaching the purest state of the soul.

We are doomed to the life written in our chart

Nope! Astrology clearly states that we write our destiny by our thoughts, beliefs and actions and since we create it, we have full control to ‘change’ it as well.

Kaal Sarp Yog is true

In astrology, yog means ‘combination’. There is no such thing as kaal sarp yog. If an astrologer says that you have this yog, change the astrologer.

Gun Milan is great to test compatibility. 

In Indian astrology, 2 charts are matched to test on 36 points. It is assumed that the more the points meet, the better the compatibility. This is a great myth! Gun milan can tell you very little of how well you will settle with your partner in the marriage. There are other very important methods to test compatibility.

All Astrology is the same. Astrology is just one large subject with no branches

False! Linda Goodman is a classic example of Western Astrology which is very different from Indian, Vedic Astrology. China and Korea have their own astrology as well. It seems that each culture has some form of astrology which validates the truth in it but astrology notes in India date back to as early as 9th Century B.C. or even before!

Kundlis or Horoscopes can tell only certain broad things about us

False. Except for when you wake up, gargle and drink tea, your chart can sketch every minute crease on your skin. This means that your chart can tell your likes, dislikes, relationship with siblings, hidden desires, secrets, about your parents, friend circle, no. of spouses, nature of the spouses, directions you are likely to live in, passions and careers, school studies and so on.. Hence, be wary of sharing your birth chart the way in which you share news about your shopping.

A good astrologer will tell me about my life-span and warn me about accidents / all negative events in my life

False! A good, genuine, knowledgeable astrologer will NEVER mention these life-events to any client. Astrology has not given the RIGHTS to an astrologer to tell a person when they will die or something horrible will happen. Never!

It is hurtful to read posts of people who said the astrologer told them that they will no good or that they will meet a horrible accident in a few years, etc. Well, astrology was made to EMPOWER people, to give them true direction and hope and to believe that there is GOOD in every person and in everyone’s life. Ethically, astrologers are supposed to focus only on the GOOD and even if some negative news were to be shared it for the good of the client, it must be put in a way that the person feels POSITIVE and HOPEFUL.

Please share this information with others. Hear my videos


Meet my Illustrator – Kristin Wesley

KW Professional Headshot RJ 2014

Artist and behavioral health professional, Kristin Wesley is no stranger to parenting. A mother of five with both biological and adopted children ranging in age from 2 to 23, she is inspired every day by their unique character and zest for life!

Kristin has over 15 years of clinical experience in the behavioral/mental health field. She has provided therapeutic support, managed programs as well as trained others to deliver these services- all with a focus on connecting with individuals where they are and encouraging them to use their strengths and skills to better understand themselves and their lives.

Kristin’s formal education includes a Bachelor’s in the Interdisciplinary Studies of Psychology and Philosophy and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Intermedia Art from Arizona State University. Kristin has completed Post Bachelor’s studies in Art Therapy at The George Washington University as well as the renowned Transformational Life Coaching program at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

Other than raising her brood and endlessly creating art, Kristin’s current projects include GreenLight to Life, LLC, an empowerment services company that provides assessment, coaching and healing support to people experiencing challenges in life.

Kristin also regularly facilitates Art for the Heart workshops throughout Arizona using art and the creative process to support self-discovery, awareness and development. Through these services, her artwork and her family, Kristin helps groups, individuals and their families creatively connect with their hopes, dreams and goals to live their BEST LIVES!

If you are interested in services, hosting an event or learning more about Kristin Wesley, please contact her at 602-753-7318 or

I personally thank Kristin for such wonderful illustrations. I have known her closely for 6 long months and it is an honor to know such a nurturing and talented woman :)

Holiday Art – A magic art for kids from Scrap!

This article has been written by me and re-posted with permission from Parentedge:

Christmas or any another festival, we humans pretty much imitate the busy activity of a beehive during festive seasons. However, before the crowd attacks the shopping centers, newspapers speak out the Christmas Cheer loud and clear as a flurry of toys, lights, and gifts decorate flyers and pamphlets. Since I like to use everything to its best capacity, I could not think of throwing away the big heap of paper that came through my mail. And this is how a new art project was born.

Activity: A Simple Art Project, 45-60mins

Age group: 4- 6 years with parental help; 6 – 10 years independently

What you need

  1. A large piece of cardboard or plain white paper
  2. Markers
  3. Glue sticks or glue
  4. Newspapers / flyers with any images related to Christmas or toys
  5. Scissors
  6. Trash can
  7. Curious kids

Learning Focus

Creativity, imagination, organization skills, fine motor skills, competitiveness, spatial reasoning, decision making.

The Plot

You can chose either ‘The Christmas Theme’ or ‘The Toy Theme’ or mix the two!

It is best to have two kids do this activity side by side to add a competitive spirit. Kids will have 60mins to complete the project. Their aim will be to create for themselves, a special room on the canvas or paper you provide. They will do this by choosing, cutting, and pasting the pictures from their own pile of newspapers. They could use markers to decorate their room and create any theme. It doesn’t matter if the snaps overlap, as long as each one is seen clearly and a minimum of 20 pictures have been used. They should use their imaginations to generate this special room as if it was real, a part of their real home. In fact, you can title your kids ‘Interior Designers’ for this fun project.

How to

Collect all the newspapers and sit down in an area with enough room to spread the papers. Before you call the kids, filter the papers by yourself. Make sure there are 15 – 30 pages of newspapers  / flyers that have photographs related to Christmas or toys. For example, a page showing decorative lights, a Christmas tree or an ornament, is worth saving. One that has a few toy cars, kids playing in a dollhouse or pretending to be supermen are excellent too.

Creating art projects from old newspapers

If you are calling on friends or siblings for a project competition, make two different piles, relevant to each one’s age. I had a 9-year young with my 4-year young, which means the older one got a lot more newspapers to work with simply because she would be faster and more independent. I wanted to keep the curiosity as well the challenge alive for each one.

Once you have the newspapers sorted, spread out a large cloth / sheet / plastic to work on the floor. On that spread out the large white paper or cardboard and all other necessities in equal quantity for each child. Then, call the kids.

The rules

It is time to announce the rules. Let each child know that the competition is only in two aspects – to use everything that is given and to complete the project on time. Make it clear that there is no competing for better or worse. You won’t be judging the final project and putting a label of good or bad; rather you will see how well they use the resources given to them within the set time limit. Assure them that you are around for any back up or support. The ultimate aim is to LEARN & HAVE FUN. Read ‘The Plot’ section above to announce the rules.

Christmas Art from old newspapers

Art projects from scrap paper

Art for young children from scrap paper

Recycled art projects from old newspapers

Art projects for kids

This picture above was created by Kapila Khare, 9 years young. She made the toy room of her dreams!

Now that you know this activity has so much to teach your child (check above in the section titled ‘Learning Focus’), you can use this project with different things.

Here are a few ideas

  1. Save boxes of cereal, cookies, croutons, ready-to-eat packs, lentils, etc. Cut out food pictures from there and challenge kids to make a food chart. Use the classification of healthy vs. unhealthy or fats/ proteins/ carbs. Activate your creativity, parents!Example
  2. Save pictures of produces (fruits and vegetables) from several articles. They could make charts to classify fruits and veggies or ones they like vs. don’t like or even organize by the color or texture.
  3. Use your vacation photographs, vehicles, environment, or pictures of different roles that people play in the community.

All you need is a pile of newspapers and a watchful eye!

A Nutritious Dessert for Kids – small and big ;)

Very often, we have enough reason to say – “No more icecream for my kids” but then it gets tough to steer them away from this choice. Festive season, outings, parties, and winter are some of the many trying times.

I have never seen this recipe before. The thought popped out while deciding a dessert for a Diwali Party and it worked wonders. I was surprised at how many adults too sprang for it.20141205_194538

What are we making?

Popsicles from craft sticks, ice tray, milk, cardamom powder, and syrup of your choice

I chose – drinking chocolate powder and saffron, rose, raw mango syrup (sorbet)

My Ice tray is red hearts. I had a blue fish and animal shaped Ice tray too.

 Activity Benefits

Healthy dessert – perfect for parties and large groups!

Extra Small portions

Great replacement for icecream – significantly less fat

Kids can cook with you – develops interest in cooking

Only 15 minutes of total cooking time and maximum an hour of freezing time.

Serves many people effortlessly in many different colors and flavors

Enhances your creativity


Make it Happen!

First make space in your freezer. Depending on the number and shape of ice trays you are going to use and the height of the popsicle or craft sticks. I am lucky to have a horizontally broad freezer20141205_193328. Spread a cloth or plastic sheet at the base to avoid a mess on the freezer floor.

Decide on the variations you want. How many types of sorbets or syrups do you want to use? Take as many glasses and spoons. Pour milk in each of the glass to a half. Pour your sorbet in to make it edible enough. Make it a little stronger than usual for the flavor to come out as a popsicle. A good indication is that the sorbet color stands out in the milk. Add a pinch of cardamom powder in each glass. Stir for 10 seconds.20141205_195035

Pour into the ice trays as you like. Freeze.

Check in 30 minutes. Gently push your finger into the Popsicle. Just before they are completely hard, remove from freezer. They should feel a little fragile from the top, yet not allow your finger to sink in. Place the popsicle sticks into the half-frozen mixture. The sticks should be able to settle in with 1-2 efforts. There should be no cracks in the popsicles, but if there is, do not worry.

Take water in a spoon and gently pour it all over the ice tray. This is the most important step because, after your put the sticks into already half-frozen mixture, we want the sticks to stand in place and hold the popsicles well. As the water freezes into ice, it will do this for you! 20141207_011122

Re-freeze ice tray

Enjoy it

It is ready to go in another 30 minutes! When you are ready to serve, remove the ice tray on a water safe surface. Let it stand out for 3-6 minutes. This will allow the mixture to loosen well enough that it is easy to remove the popsicles without cracks or without separating the stick from the mixture.20141206_175031

Serve in mini-serve plastic to go cups or in small bowls / cups.

Eat half a dozen if you like; it will not harm you half as much as icecream does!


Talks about this dessert popped up with my close friend Rashmi Khare when she mentioned that she uses orange juice or any other juice to make super quick popsicles. Fresh homemade or bottled juice in the popsicle maker and there you go. Think of making this variety with all your different ice tray shapes!

Thank You Rashmi for such a great idea!

Exclusive and original recipe by Rima Desai.

No part of this recipe has been intentionally copied from anywhere. Similar work is the act of coincidence.

No part of this recipe may be copied and posted, re-posted, used in print in any form or manner.

Six Easy Activities for an Emotionally Robust Kid!

This is my first article for Parent-Edge Magazine, India. It am reposting it with permission from them:                             


This blog post has been contributed by our new Parent Blogger Rima Desai. Rima has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Mumbai University. She wrote numerous articles for Parents, Women and creating Self-Awareness in a leading newspaper in Tanzania when she lived there. Her work includes writing for in-flight magazines and editing internationally published books. Rima is a certified Childcare Professional and Life-Coach in USA. She has extensive experience in training teachers, students and holding camps for children (3-9 years). 


Activities to Develop Your Child’s Emotional I.Q. from an early age

There is a lot of talk that goes on about parenting and emotions. The importance of developing an emotionally robust child cannot be undermined. Your child may grow up to be a doctor, engineer, or a computer programmer, but that is not enough to safeguard her personal life, and the ability to communicate and express herself. This skill of free emotional expression is needed at every step of relationships, career, and for high self-worth. Now, you have an opportunity to be their emotion coach!

Run your eyes over these activities that will help you enhance your child’s EQ. These activities would work well for children between the ages of 3-8, depending on their emotional maturity.

Quick challenge: In two minutes pen down as many emotions (just one word each) as you can. Note that some emotion clusters like joy, happy and glad are the same type of emotion.

How many emotions did you spurt out easily? Not many of us are generous with our emotional vocabulary because we haven’t been taught to recognize, discover, and word our emotions. In reality, we experience more than 50+ emotions and often several of them in the same day. Here is a short list:

Happy / glad / joyful / blissful / ecstatic Sad / sorrowful / unhappy / depressed
Proud Ashamed / embarrassed
Successful Failure
Satisfied / content Dissatisfied
Secure Insecure
Patient Impatient
Proud Disappointed
Curious / Interested Bored / disinterested
Thrilled / excited / enthusiastic lonely
Loved Unloved
Accepted Rejected / dejected
Included / belong Left-out / excluded

Very often, we are stuck in the confined loop of ‘happy-sad’ words when using our emotional vocabulary and this directly influences our children because they learn no better. Let us learn to label more emotions that are relevant to the situation.

Activity 1

Ask your child to state all the emotions they know of. If they find it hard to begin, make a happy face and ask them to complete the statement: I feel ­­­­­­­­______

Do the same with a scared, angry and an excited face. This way you can get them started on your little emotion project.

Activity 2

communicating emotionally

Sit facing your child so that both of you are looking at each other from an arm’s distance. You will show an emotion on your face when you say these words:

“I see a mirror and what do I see? I see a ____ face looking at me.” Repeat this exercise with 3-4 simple emotions that your child can recognize.

Now ask your child to pick 3-4 of her favorite emotions and do the above activity with you. In the next round pick a few new emotions and do your best in making that face. Use disappointment, tired, sleepy, bored, lonely, etc.

Activity 3

Remove their soft toys and place them in a row. Any pictures that depict a living being will also work.Using toys to teach children emotions

Pick one object after another and tell your child one simple statement about something that happened in this beings’ life today. Then, your child has to recognize the emotion felt by this being.

E.g., today the shark swam from sunrise to sunset and now she cannot swim anymore. What is she feeling right now?

If your child does not label the emotion, give her two or three choices.

E.g., is the shark feeling lonely, happy, or tired right now?

Cover different emotions with each new object. Some statement options:

  1. Today baby elephant got a new ball toy to play with. How does he feel? (happy or excited)
  2. Sheep woke up at 6am early in the morning and she played all day. Now the sun is setting and she is beginning to yawn, how is she feeling right now? (sleepy or tired)
  3. Bumblebee’s dad promised to bring him a new school bag but then dad forgot. How does the bee feel? (Here you do not want your child to label only sad. You want her to be more specific. The answer is ‘disappointed’).

Activity 4

This activity will give your entire family an outlet to express emotions through a rhyme along with actions. Here the child learns how each emotion ‘looks’ and ‘feels’.

When we feel happy, we make our happy bunny ears (V with fingers on the head). When we feel sad, our ears fall down (upside down V with fingers on the side of the head). When we feel angry, we roar like lions (or stomp our feet) and let it out. When we feel scared, we make a fist and take it close to our chest. When we feel embarrassed, we bend our head low and hide our eyes. When we feel proud, we lift our head high up above our neck. When we feel confused, we tap a finger on our head and when we feel loved, we cross our arms to give a hug. (Alternative way: use the rhyme: ‘if you are happy and you know it’. In each round, introduce a new emotion and the corresponding action).

Also Read: Helping Children Manage their Emotions

Activity 5

Have each family member explore and reserve one spot in the home that is their ‘quiet spot’, where they can go to when they are angry or sad. Have them recognize their ‘favorite’ and ‘happy’ spot in the home too.


Activity 6

Expressing emotions through artPrint out or draw faces showing different emotions and stick them in direct vision. Each one of you can point to the emotion you are feeling when you sleep or wake up, after school, and before / after meals.

Magazines, ads, and public places are also a great resource for a quick fun time ‘recognize their emotions’ game.

Remember, if your child is aware, alert and accepting of how she feels, she has the most precious gift – to skim through every situation thick or thin

Rima Desai

Ignatius Fernandez November 28, 2014 at 9:14 am Reply

Rima, well-done! The post is not only informative, but creatively expressed. Scope for your background in psychology. Parents are likely to take your plan seriously and act on it. God bless. Ignatius.

Is our destiny already written when we are born?

What an age-old topic of deep conversation and debate. The perfectly applicable Million $$$ Question!!  Is our destiny written from the nail to the wall or is it totally our free will that guides it. Is it in our minds and heads to get it all right or are we rolling inside a bubbled path? There may or may not be evidence to prove either way and yet we have our strong beliefs that shakes not at any shiver. Is it true that faith can move the unmovable and change the course of destiny???

Astrology & Destiny

However, the definition and understanding of astrology has been rather deranged: blame it on the faulty practitioners or blame it on our half knowledge. Ancient Vedic / Sidereal Astrologers have stated that astrology is not a restrictive guide. It believes in the influence of planetary energies on one’s body but the soul’s will power superceeds these energies.
What does this mean?
This means that the horoscope can mention which situations and events are most likely to show up in a person’s life (a probability calculation) and clearly highlight the areas of life with preceding karmic debt (prarabdh karm); but the probable life-path is not guaranteed 100% simply because, if the individual chooses to meditate one’s soul’s power over the planetary energies, it can. This would definitely require ‘shram’ – hard work just like any other milestone to overcome but it is absolutely do-able.
Prarabh Karmas (Original as ‘Karms’) as in accumulated consequences: good or bad) are highlighted by several indications in the chart e.g. through the 5th house, through the south node ketu’s and Saturn’s position, through nakshatras (constellations), etc. And yet, many of the other karms like earning money, health, children, career, etc. are within a person’s range of will power and changeable. Hence, an astrologer can predict the likelihood of the number of children one will have much more accurately as vs. the amount of money one will make.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is meditation-1384758_960_720.jpg

The chart is supposed to be a guide to the soul, not the written destiny. I believe in my astrologer and guru’s words, “Our destiny is seeded in our thoughts.” ~ HB

Jainism & Destiny

Jainism as a religion also validates two areas of life which are heavily and purely karmic – birth and marriage; the rest it says, is within our control and choice. This means that it says – yes, a major chunk of our life events will be brought to us through our karmas: relationships, enemies, health, illness, debts, etc.. whether good or bad. However, with extra-ordinary efforts, through will power and determination we can supersede these circumstances and change our destiny as well as the soul’s destination.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mahavira-3663180_960_720.jpg
Jainism too has a detailed description of astrology and clearly proves how it works. Yet, it propagates will power and hard work towards building and modifying one’s destiny a lot more than merely being controlled by one’s stars. For this reason it doesn’t reveal or use astrological information with the general masses.

 My idea of a Predestined Life

As for me –  I am the person who is ready to steal my goals from the heavens if I have to. I am here to achieve some powerful motives from which no one can stop or deter me. When my eyes are set at a goal, it glitters with winning gold, and until I reach that gold I know that even my breath is committed to be my companion. I have decided my years of life, slated on my soul!

                  ANOTHER GREAT READ   

Delicious Mix Vegetable and Dip Rice salad (Bhel)

20141109_192706-1 (1)

Bhel is a highly popular dish in North India. The main ingredient is roasted or shallow fried puffed rice. There are lots of raw vegetables and two highly nutritious dips (chutneys) added to the puffed rice.

This is my own (Rima Desai’s) unique recipe to make your bhel even more nutritious:

Mix veg salad of your choice – cucumber, corn, onion, potato, tomato, broccoli, carrots, etc. lightly salted

Roasted cashew, peanut and almond powder all mixed together

Raisins and pomegranate – optional

Cilantro chutney (dip) and Tamarind + dates chutney (dip)

Ready Bhel mix or home roasted kurmura (puffed rice) mixed with bhujia (sev or fried Bengal gram snack)

Chaat masala and cilantro.

MIX IT ALL and feast!

Sun Signs – Indian / Vedic / Siderial

It is interesting and intriguing when I look at a chart and describe the person’s personality, needs, deepest or secret hopes and wishes and they go – “YA! THIS IS ME!!” and then I squirt – “your sun sign is actually the previous one, not the one you kept thinking and relating to all these years.” Indian astrology sun sign are different than western or Linda Goodman. So if you were reading the Scorpio forecast all these years, and you are actually a Libran, either there is something else in your chart which makes you relate to a scorpion or (for most parts) – your (all of our) mind just believes whatever it reads. Try reading another sign forecast for next couple months..

…and besides forecasts don’t truly belong to astrology. They are made up for fancy advertising!

In India birth horoscope will show the sign where the sun and moon are placed. If you haven’t looked at your sun sign in your chart but have followed the western zodiac, you will sure be surprised!

These are the Sidereal / Indian / Vedic sun signs:

Aries April 14th – May 13th
Taurus May 13th – June 14th
Gemini June 15th – July 15th
Cancer July 15th – August 16th
Leo August 16th – September 16th
Virgo September 16th – October 16th
Libra October 16th – November 15th
Scorpio November 15th – December 15th
Sagittarius December 15th – January 14th
Capricorn January 14th – February 13th
Aquarius February 13th – March 13th
Pisces March 13th – April 13th


Short cuts bring shallow outcomes and quick endings

The soul does not progress by mere intelligence and experience, growth is directly proportional to ‘will’ .
The willingness to learn and grow is the basis of human existence and hence ‘The Best’ is nothing but an illusion. The hope for a better than the best keeps the world breathing!

The circumstances we receive is a result of the choice of circumstances we made once upon a time multiplied by many such times. Accept what is out of our control and be willing to charge towards what is in our control is the way to a successful life, heart and soul.

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