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What Is Life-Coaching, Counseling Or Psychotherapy? Who Needs It, Who Deserves It, Why Or Why Not?

This is part 1 of 3 part series. In these 3 parts I will share with you will get to know what is Life-Coaching, Counseling, Psychotherapy and Psychiatry. When, why and how to use it. Why to use it is the most important part. I will go over many details about each of these and in the end of the series also give you some sample real-life case studies from my client sessions. You can always email me: and ask me more. All and any questions on this topic are welcome! ~ also read this article here:

What is Life-Coaching, Counseling or Psychotherapy. Why get help or why not?

When I inform others that I am a Certified Life-Coach, some pronounce a “Wow” and some give me a blank face. Most of them will ask – “What is a Life-Coach?” I must say that I love questions and curious minds. That is a great question: Who is a Life-Coach and what does a L.C. do? So this post will answer that. Here I also inform you about the difference between a Life-Coach and a Counselor and the difference between the two.


In 2004, I passed first class as an official Counseling Psychologist (Masters), Mumbai University. I knew this was exactly what I wished to do in my career. While I pursued that in sort of different ways than others. I did many group workshops and aimed at increasing community awareness about emotional problems in children. However, with my marriage in 2007 my career picture flipped as I moved to a super small town in Tanzania, Africa and thereafter to USA where I could not use my Indian Masters Degree. Hence, I pursued certification in Transformational Life-Coaching from USA.


People in these roles are called Practitioners or Mental Health Professionals. Aim in each of this role is the EXACT SAME: Unconditionally supporting the ‘client’ to reach a healthier, happier life in any manner. By this we mean both – physically healthy + mentally or in other words, emotionally healthy. So, one client may be depressed and requires a lot of emotional support to emerge out of depression. Another client is suffering from severe knee pain and needs many health tips. Yet another is confused about which career path to choose or having trouble saving money and someone else is having major struggles with their teen son or daughter. It really does not matter whether the problem seems big or small to the client, the coach can help nevertheless.



I would say why not? Why do you have a helper at home even when you have a healthy body? Just because you hire a servant does it mean that you are unhealthy or lazy? Why do hire an accountant to manage your taxes? Does it mean you know nothing about math and accounts? Why do you see a doctor when ill? Is it something shameful to do? Do you not hire a ‘Coach’ for Sports training? What would you miss if you did not hire one?
The idea that getting emotional help is a mark of one’s failure is FALSE PERCEPTION. In fact, it is the mark of a brave and an open-minded person. Few have the courage to discuss their problems with others and be willing to find other solutions. I never want a client who thinks “I do not need help”. That is a closed, orthodox, limited functioning person. I want a client who thinks – “I am curious to explore this too”.

How can you know that Life-Coaching is not for you, when you have not even experienced it or known about it in detail?Just like you tell your child: “How can you tell me you don’t like bhindi till you have eaten it?” Correct?

You deserve to live a life where you feel content and excited about each moment to come and you deserve to be supported in that. A smart person finds out and uses the best discounts or coupons. This is that coupon to life which cuts hard work and pain short and gives you that extra advantage over others. Like polishing a piece of furniture or garnishing a dish, Life-Coaching, Counseling or Psychotherapy helps us ‘sparkle’ our personalities. Why miss out on that?!



  1.  Because you cannot share all your SECRETS with someone you know. They may judge you, speak ill about you, break your trust and spill out your secrets.
  1.   The Coach or Counselor is this objective, unbiased person whose job is to SUPPORT you like a mad fan would support Shah Rukh Khan. The coach cares less about whether you were right or wrong but rather whether your thoughts and actions are helping you or creating blocks. After finding the blocks, the coach does not make you work hard on it like digging earth on a sunny way. You may work hard, but never alone! You get tons of special help and lots to celebrate.
  1.   There is a limit to the amount of time your friends and family member will give you. Plus there is a huge risk of getting unwanted advice, advice which hurts more and helps less. They may not be wrong in giving advice only that they may not understand your situation from your view!
  1.    The coach never gives advice, never tells you what to do or not do and never judges you as right or wrong. Hence, it is a SAFE place to open up.
  1.    All of these help us remove our pent up emotions which we may not show our family or friends with fear of judgement or hurting them.
  1.  Mental health professionals are experts in the field of guiding you live healthier lives. There are specific ways in which we can increase our self-confidence, will power, improve relationships. We have the repair, revise and prevention techniques which will cut years of hard work and tears!



Young Dad Appreciation of the Month

Anthony Nguyen – April 2015

This article is brought to you by Rima Desai ~ Copyrights reserved. It aims to appreciate young dads for their contribution in caring for their kid/s. You may also read it here:


Anthony Nguyen is our 2nd dad today for Young Dad’s Appreciation for this month. His toddler son is telling us a fun story about how Fantabulous his Dad is. He is celebrating his Dad’s 30th B’day on April 4th!

a 2 Congratulations Daddy! You have been selected as Month April’s Super Hero. You must show the world your extra-ordinary tricks. All the other boys keep saying that their dad is a Super Hero – Super man, Spider Man, Flying Man 😉 but I can tell you my dad is truly a Ninja!

 Ninja Dad

Okay you guys think I am kidding right? Alright I’ll tell you what.

I know all the things that makes my Dad great. At least once every day he changes my


and often he lets me roam in it too… because he knows that it unleashes my power within – ‘Freedom from Pants Power Roooarrr’. He has changed more than

365diapers in the last one year! And while changing my diaper, he wont mind if I shower him with my love. He is ‘Cool’


Dad also knows how to change my

clothes without even holding them. He makes them fly! You must watch him do it: One kick and my shirt is off, another kick and my shirt is on… yesterday he even cut his cake like that (Umm… I mean the shoe hit the table and the cake sliced with the table earthquake… something like that… haha)

an. ngy

Do you know why I am not the Dentist’s best friend? Because my dad tooth brush my teeth, at least 5 times in a day. No, really! and if they still look not as white, he takes a few drops of paint and ….. O I was supposed to Shh that. O boy..

Thanx to dad I smell so good – he remembers to shower me at least once a week + he can give me a bath almost anywhere. He says it is ‘TRUE CREATIVITY’


He remembers to trim my nails when they begin looking like Dragon paws


Now did you say my dad is not a Ninja?!


Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen

Dad You are so Awesome, I decided to write you a message in the Sky for everyone to see




parent of the month

The Biography of a Devoted Father

This post and copyrights belong to Parenting Booth/ Rima Desai:

Parent of the month: Feb 2015, Part II


pradeep uncle smaller size

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Our parent today is an exemplary hero who adds breath to this proverb. Wading through the worst tides of life at an early phase of parenting, he was convinced that nothing took precedence over the well-being of his children.

Let us welcome Mr. Pradip Unadkat on our platform today as we celebrate his 59th Birthday on Feb. 27

Mr. Unadkat was born in Geita city of Tanzania country, East Africa. He grew up in Katunguru but the lack of finances refrained his education. With a stone on his heart, he began traveling to Mwanza daily to fetch money through work. Later he moved there permanently. At the age where other teens were talking fun and style, Mr. Unadkat had started full time work and with his blood and sweat, he built his business.


Wishing you many more years of great health and happiness from Parenting Booth


A message from his son: Vineet Unadkat

My mother fell ill when we were very young. I was 8 years and my sister was 4 when she passed away. It was the darkest phase of our lives. Only someone who has lost a life-partner and a mother that early can understand the pain we all went through. Now that I am a parent, I can understand with more depth how dad must have endured the situation. I still remember the things he would do to make us happy. He did everything to ensure we don’t miss mom.

In fact, dad wanted to remain single but he realized that we both needed the love and care of a mother. Hence, for us, he remarried. This was very helpful to us because mom helped us learn moral values, be well mannered and she gave us the strength to fight against all odds. I can’t imagine growing up without her! Both Chandni and me are here today with mom’s unconditional love and support for all of us. Thank You dad for taking that step for us!

Dad also had to go through considerable financial hardships. Several nights he stayed up late to complete his work so that he could get his share of money to send us to school. It was only through his dedicated hard work that we completed our studies.

To fetch me a brighter future, he had to send me to another city for school and college studies. I was 15. This was the toughest decision on dad. Having lost his first wife, and then sending me away for studies was like another hollow at home but dad was tough as a rock. He knew he had to do whatever was needed for my progress. I lived with my uncle. It was only later that I realized dad and my mom had a play in large part to keeping up with my studies. For years, dad and mom sent several items to Uncle, including Pickles they made and Papad (thin, crispy lentil tortillas), in a way to repay what they owe.

If you know the Indian culture, pickles and papad are a very important part of our daily meals and hence considered a good trade. Making either of them is a tedious task.


Special Qualities of Dad:

  1. Dad is the most helpful and generous person I know. He has dedicated his life to helping and serving others. He has helped several people in small and big ways. Mwanza is a closely-knit Indian community. Dad is one of the strongest pillars for others during their personal and during community’s cultural events. He attends to the guests, helps in serving food, and is also there to volunteer during medical trips or emergencies. Several times dad has left behind his work to help and serve others.
  2. Even though dad’s position was not financially strong to get my sister and me through our studies, he worked a lot more and ensured we complete our education. No words can express my gratitude for it.
  3. Dad is extremely forgiving by nature. Even if someone was mean, rude or did something very wrong, yet he would forget, forgive, and be helpful to that person.

“Dad from you I have learnt to be Patient. You have taught me that we will always get what we deserve and that everyone has to pay the price of his or her Karmas. Hence, I learnt from you to do good to others no matter what they do to me and as a result, ‘goodness’ will come back to me. I have applied this principle in my life and seen it work. You are amazing dad. I love you and I am proud to be your son! I am thankful to You and Mom for everything that you’ll have done for us.

A message from his daughter: Chandni Unadkat

When I was done with my school, I wanted to work but during those times, in my family girls weren’t allowed to work. Unlike other dads, my dad stood up for me, against the social norm and allowed me to work. He gave me the strength and became the biggest support of my life. In fact, due to dad’s support, I was able to contribute to the family in times of need, esp. when my brother was still struggling and trying to settle in USA. Every step of the way, my Dad has supported me, whether in my job or with the choice of my life partner. I was 4 when my mum passed away of cancer. These were the darkest days of dad’s life. Dad’s decision to remarry was tough for him but he did it selflessly, just for us. Being a girl and so young, he did not want me to be without a mother and because of that I feel my dad is a Hero. I love you Dad. You are my Hero, my best friend and God’s gift to me! I am blessed to have such wonderful parents in my life. Mom and You make our lives complete.”

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