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Meet my Illustrator – Kristin Wesley

KW Professional Headshot RJ 2014

Artist and behavioral health professional, Kristin Wesley is no stranger to parenting. A mother of five with both biological and adopted children ranging in age from 2 to 23, she is inspired every day by their unique character and zest for life!

Kristin has over 15 years of clinical experience in the behavioral/mental health field. She has provided therapeutic support, managed programs as well as trained others to deliver these services- all with a focus on connecting with individuals where they are and encouraging them to use their strengths and skills to better understand themselves and their lives.

Kristin’s formal education includes a Bachelor’s in the Interdisciplinary Studies of Psychology and Philosophy and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Intermedia Art from Arizona State University. Kristin has completed Post Bachelor’s studies in Art Therapy at The George Washington University as well as the renowned Transformational Life Coaching program at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

Other than raising her brood and endlessly creating art, Kristin’s current projects include GreenLight to Life, LLC, an empowerment services company that provides assessment, coaching and healing support to people experiencing challenges in life.

Kristin also regularly facilitates Art for the Heart workshops throughout Arizona using art and the creative process to support self-discovery, awareness and development. Through these services, her artwork and her family, Kristin helps groups, individuals and their families creatively connect with their hopes, dreams and goals to live their BEST LIVES!

If you are interested in services, hosting an event or learning more about Kristin Wesley, please contact her at 602-753-7318 or

I personally thank Kristin for such wonderful illustrations. I have known her closely for 6 long months and it is an honor to know such a nurturing and talented woman :)