Is our destiny already written when we are born?

What an age-old topic of deep conversation and debate. The perfectly applicable Million $$$ Question!!  Is our destiny written from the nail to the wall or is it totally our free will that guides it. Is it in our minds and heads to get it all right or are we rolling inside a bubbled path? There may or may not be evidence to prove either way and yet we have our strong beliefs that shakes not at any shiver. Is it true that faith can move the unmovable and change the course of destiny???

Astrology & Destiny

However, the definition and understanding of astrology has been rather deranged: blame it on the faulty practitioners or blame it on our half knowledge. Ancient Vedic / Sidereal Astrologers have stated that astrology is not a restrictive guide. It believes in the influence of planetary energies on one’s body but the soul’s will power superceeds these energies.
What does this mean?
This means that the horoscope can mention which situations and events are most likely to show up in a person’s life (a probability calculation) and clearly highlight the areas of life with preceding karmic debt (prarabdh karm); but the probable life-path is not guaranteed 100% simply because, if the individual chooses to meditate one’s soul’s power over the planetary energies, it can. This would definitely require ‘shram’ – hard work just like any other milestone to overcome but it is absolutely do-able.
Prarabh Karmas (Original as ‘Karms’) as in accumulated consequences: good or bad) are highlighted by several indications in the chart e.g. through the 5th house, through the south node ketu’s and Saturn’s position, through nakshatras (constellations), etc. And yet, many of the other karms like earning money, health, children, career, etc. are within a person’s range of will power and changeable. Hence, an astrologer can predict the likelihood of the number of children one will have much more accurately as vs. the amount of money one will make.

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The chart is supposed to be a guide to the soul, not the written destiny. I believe in my astrologer and guru’s words, “Our destiny is seeded in our thoughts.” ~ HB

Jainism & Destiny

Jainism as a religion also validates two areas of life which are heavily and purely karmic – birth and marriage; the rest it says, is within our control and choice. This means that it says – yes, a major chunk of our life events will be brought to us through our karmas: relationships, enemies, health, illness, debts, etc.. whether good or bad. However, with extra-ordinary efforts, through will power and determination we can supersede these circumstances and change our destiny as well as the soul’s destination.
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Jainism too has a detailed description of astrology and clearly proves how it works. Yet, it propagates will power and hard work towards building and modifying one’s destiny a lot more than merely being controlled by one’s stars. For this reason it doesn’t reveal or use astrological information with the general masses.

 My idea of a Predestined Life

As for me –  I am the person who is ready to steal my goals from the heavens if I have to. I am here to achieve some powerful motives from which no one can stop or deter me. When my eyes are set at a goal, it glitters with winning gold, and until I reach that gold I know that even my breath is committed to be my companion. I have decided my years of life, slated on my soul!

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Delicious Mix Vegetable and Dip Rice salad (Bhel)

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Bhel is a highly popular dish in North India. The main ingredient is roasted or shallow fried puffed rice. There are lots of raw vegetables and two highly nutritious dips (chutneys) added to the puffed rice.

This is my own (Rima Desai’s) unique recipe to make your bhel even more nutritious:

Mix veg salad of your choice – cucumber, corn, onion, potato, tomato, broccoli, carrots, etc. lightly salted

Roasted cashew, peanut and almond powder all mixed together

Raisins and pomegranate – optional

Cilantro chutney (dip) and Tamarind + dates chutney (dip)

Ready Bhel mix or home roasted kurmura (puffed rice) mixed with bhujia (sev or fried Bengal gram snack)

Chaat masala and cilantro.

MIX IT ALL and feast!

Sun Signs – Indian / Vedic / Sidereal

Who doesn’t love Astrology? You do or don’t? I do! The curious crab in me wants to dig out all the possible higher secrets of life :D

It is interesting and intriguing when I look at a chart and describe the person’s personality, needs, deepest or secret hopes and wishes and they go – “YA! THIS IS ME!!” and then I squirt – “Everything I described about you was not related to what you thought is your Sun sign. I was describing you based on your rising sign and in fact, your Sun sign as per Sidereal calculations is different from western…” Indian (Vedic / Sidereal) astrology sun signs are different from Western (Tropical) Astrology or as commonly seen in Linda Goodman’s book.

So if you were reading the Scorpio forecast all these years, and you could possibly be a Libra or a Sagittarius.

…and besides forecasts don’t truly belong to astrology. They are fancy and fun but that’s about it. For one, they haven’t been a part of organic astrology. To top it, logically speaking, how can one categorize millions of people’s future in just 12 ways for every single day of their life? Give it a thought!

Below is the comparative date chart for Sidereal (Vedic / India) Astrology as vs. Tropical (Western) Astrology dates used as Zodiac signs by astrologers.

These are the Sidereal / Indian / Vedic sun signs:

Sidereal Tropical Date
April 15 – May 15
AriesMarch 21 – April 19
May 16 – June 15
TaurusApril 20 – May 20
June 16 – July 16
GeminiMay 21 – June 21
July 17 – August 16
CancerJune 22 – July 22
August 17 – September 16
LeoJuly 23 – August 23
September 17 – October 17
VirgoAugust 24 – September 22
October 18 – November 16
LibraSeptember 23 – October 23
November 17 – December 16
ScorpioOctober 24 – November 22
December 17 – January 15
SagittariusNovember 23 – December 22
January 16 – February 14

CapricornDecember 23 – January 20
February 15 – March 15
AquariusJanuary 21 – February 18
March 16 – April 14

PiscesFebruary 19 – March 20


Short cuts bring shallow outcomes and quick endings

The soul does not progress by mere intelligence and experience, growth is directly proportional to ‘will’ .
The willingness to learn and grow is the basis of human existence and hence ‘The Best’ is nothing but an illusion. The hope for a better than the best keeps the world breathing!

The circumstances we receive is a result of the choice of circumstances we made once upon a time multiplied by many such times. Accept what is out of our control and be willing to charge towards what is in our control is the way to a successful life, heart and soul.


This is an  insightful poem that I wrote before I was a teen. I was quite a poet then!

I was curious to know how deep the ocean was, but my hand couldn’t reach the ground;

I was curious to know how tall the sky was but my hand couldn’t ladder up

I was eager to know how far the horizon was, but my hand couldn’t stretch enough

I was waiting to discover how huge the earth was, but my eyes couldn’t gather it up

I was wanting to prove how strong I was, but my body couldn’t lift the weight

I was fighting to prove how right I was, but nobody ever listened to me

I was flaunting my beautiful body but somebody was always more beautiful..

One day a street child smiled at me and I smiled back. At this moment I wasn’t eager, I wasn’t curious, I wasn’t waiting, I wasn’t proving and nor was I flaunting! I was EMOTING; sharing one moment of happiness right from my soul! I was being myself without conditions and expectations.


That’s when I learnt –

The ocean is not deeper than my thought,

The sky is not higher than my will,

The horizon is not further to my foresight,

The earth is not larger than my kindness,

My limbs are not stronger than my tolerance,

My word is not stronger than my humble action,

My body is not better than my soul!

– Rima Desai


We have wasted a lot of time in proving, arguing, fighting, hurting, earning, back biting and in enjoying. And yet we have not changed this world to a better place!

We have continued to complain but failed to act, to help, to take responsibility of what NEEDS to be done, for the NEEDY, for the NEEDS of the unfortunate and illiterate.

There is only a one letter difference between Better & Bitter. Which one are you from? The complaining team or the accomplishing team?

Make a positive difference to this world, it will increase your own happiness!



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