Is our destiny all written?

This is an age-old topic of deep conversation and debate. Is our destiny written from the nail to the wall or is it totally our free will that guides it. Is it in our minds and heads to get it all right or are we rolling inside a bubbled path? There may or may not be evidence to prove either way and yet we have our strong beliefs that shakes not at any shiver. It is true that faith can move the unmovable.

Astrology & Destiny

However, the definition and understanding of astrology has been rather deranged: blame it on the faulty practitioners or blame it on our half knowledge. Here is what the original creation of astrology states:

Astrology is not a restrictive guide. It believes in one’s will power over the stars. The chart is supposed to be a guide to the soul, not the written destiny. I believe in my astrologer and guru (guide), namely Hitesh Bhai’s words, “Our destiny is seeded in our thoughts.”

 Yes, the chart can mention which situations and events are going to show up in life. However, it also clearly highlights the areas of life with preceding karmic debt. These are highlighted by several indications in the chart e.g. through the 5th house, through the south node ketu’s and Saturn’s position, through nakshatras (constellations). These areas are a lot more or totally out of our control over the others. However, without hard work even the areas within our reach, reap no benefits.

Jainism & Destiny

Jainism as a religion also validates two areas of life which are heavily and purely karmic – birth and marriage; the rest it says, is within our control and choice. What does this mean?
This means that it says – yes, a major chunk of our life events will be brought to us through our karmas: relationships, enemies, health, illness, debts, etc.. whether good or bad. However, with extra-ordinary efforts, through will power and determination we can supersede these circumstances and change our destiny as well as the soul’s destination.
Jainism too has a detailed description of astrology and clearly proves how it works. Yet, it propagates will power and hard work towards building and modifying one’s destiny a lot more than merely being controlled by one’s stars. For this reason it doesn’t reveal or use astrological information with the general masses.

 Me & Destiny

As for me –  I am the person who is ready to steal my goals from the heavens if I have to. I am here to achieve some powerful motives from which no one can stop or deter me. When my eyes are set at a goal, it glitters with winning gold, and until I reach that gold I know that even my breath is committed to be my companion. I have decided my years of life, slated on my soul!

4 Replies to “Is our destiny all written?”

  1. Nice Blog.. I see that our destiny is what out thoughts are.. & so to call for that intelligence to operate within us seems to be only way to change the current rut of life we all are going through.

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