Midnight empty roads – the time when the damp air is caressing the exhausted roads while the walls SCREAM out the Stories of the Day ~ everything becomes CLEAR in Stillness … ~ I could hear it all, how beautiful are the roads rt now :)

…Kinda like the Sub-Conscious Mind which starts SPEAKING OUT while we rest our Conscious / Awake Mind and it can N-E-V-E-R lie.

So what does your silence scream out? ~ hidden under the cushions of a busy life?!


Life’s Lessons – a poem by Rima

This is an  insightful poem that I wrote in my tweens.

Life’s Lessons

I was curious to know how deep the ocean was, but my hand couldn’t reach the ground;

I was curious to know how tall the sky was but my hand couldn’t ladder up

I was eager to know how far the horizon was, but my hand couldn’t stretch enough

I was waiting to discover how huge the earth was, but my eyes couldn’t gather it up

I was wanting to prove how strong I was, but my body couldn’t lift the weight 

I was fighting to prove how right I was, but nobody ever listened to me

I was flaunting my beautiful body but somebody was always more beautiful..

One day a street child smiled at me and I smiled back. At this moment I wasn’t eager, I wasn’t curious, I wasn’t waiting, I wasn’t proving and nor was I flaunting! I was emoting; sharing one moment of happiness right from my soul! I was being myself without conditions and expectations.


That’s when I learnt –

The ocean is not deeper than my thought,

The sky is not higher than my will,

The horizon is not further to my foresight,

The earth is not larger than my kindness,

My limbs are not stronger than my tolerance,

My word is not stronger than my humble action,

My body is not better than my soul!

– Rima Desai

We have wasted a lot of time in proving, arguing, fighting, hurting, earning, back biting and in enjoying. And yet we have not changed this world to a better place!

Have we continued to complain but failed to act, to help, to take responsibility? 

There is only a one letter difference between Better & Bitter. Which one do we bend towards often & why? The complaining team or the accomplishing team?

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