Meet my Illustrator – Kristin Wesley

Artist and behavioral health professional, Kristin Wesley is no stranger to parenting. A mother of five with both biological and adopted children ranging in age from 2 to 23, she is inspired every day by their unique character and zest for life! Kristin has over 15 years of clinical experience in the behavioral/mental health field.Continue reading “Meet my Illustrator – Kristin Wesley”

Holiday Art – A magic art for kids from Scrap!

This article has been written by me and re-posted with permission from Parentedge: Christmas or any another festival, we humans pretty much imitate the busy activity of a beehive during festive seasons. However, before the crowd attacks the shopping centers, newspapers speak out the Christmas Cheer loud and clear as a flurry of toys, lights,Continue reading “Holiday Art – A magic art for kids from Scrap!”

Six Easy Activities for an Emotionally Robust Kid!

This is my first article for Parent-Edge Magazine, India. It am reposting it with permission from them:                              Introduction This blog post has been contributed by our new Parent Blogger Rima Desai. Rima has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Mumbai University. She wrote numerous articles for Parents, Women and creating Self-Awareness in a leadingContinue reading “Six Easy Activities for an Emotionally Robust Kid!”