Astrology – Want to show your chart? Why?

It was helpful for me to know this, hence sharing this with others – one of the big reason why astrology pulls us towards it is that we ‘believe’ that it will give us HOPE for a better future. That is 99% the reason we show our charts to astrologers.

This is not a post for anyone in specific, it is to all those who have in the past, and still consult me with their charts – if you want HOPE, you do not need to show your chart to gain it. A horoscope cannot guarantee anything is going to be ‘better’. Neither can it change things magically. In fact, it could point out the several problems that the individual must address. What happens then to one’s psyche?

Working on our ‘character’, our ‘sanskars’, our attitude towards things can do a lot more for us than having a chart read. What if I see something worse coming up? Then what do you want the astrologer to tell you?

“Showing one’s chart cannot guarantee a better future, working on oneself can!!!”

Ways to work on oneself: Life-Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual living, Meditation, Social Service, Life-style change including food and exercise.

When can astrology help? – Which career or which field of study to pursue, the purpose of one’s birth, what did the soul pledge to do before it chose that body? Best time for marriage, child birth, etc, How to reduce certain health or financial hazards…

I hope this information helps you make better choices for a brighter future. Remember there is no escape from Self-Work: In our years of life, we have thought ill of people, judged others, been critical, harsh, boastful, greedy, deceived others, acted out of insecurity, etc. Through life-coaching and other modalities, when we clear out our past, we 100% create a pathway for a Brighter Future and then, it doesn’t matter what our chart says!!!

Also know that when a solution is mentioned, that is the ‘best’ solution in that context. If you ask me for ‘another’ solution, it is like saying – I am ill, you are giving me medicine for my ailment but I don’t like this medicine, so please give me something else… when we show our charts, it gets easier for us if we are ‘willing’ to make the changes mentioned. The astrologer is not a magician: cannot change this around for you. Short cut solutions cut us short of our life. No short cuts!

Know that no matter who you are – related to me or not, I am here to support you in ways I can. If I am short on time, I can pray, I can wish-well at the very least. Ask me for it, if you want it. If I can do more than that – hear you, help you in other ways, it will be my pleasure. I receive joy by helping and supporting. If you feel very low, connect with people who Love You and ask them to Pray for you, prayers can make miracles too!

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