Hey All You COFFEE LOVERS. For years now my friends have asked me for my coffee recipe and so here is how I make it and why you won’t find it elsewhere! Cold Coffee is called Iced Coffee in USA. It is my favorite, quick recipe to drink on hot summer days. Now this is an old post, I am re-sharing because over the years my coffee has remained true to it’s heroic talent.

So welcome Arizona, to yet another year of a heated mess. Although I love the heat any way, I love it even more with my Cold aka Iced Coffee. What I hate about iced coffee from Starbucks or elsewhere is that they pack with a load of ice with coffee and dairy that tastes very separated, non-blended and unappealing. Or, they pack it up with froth and cream that is heavy fat and sugar, unnecessary for making a tantalizing coffee shake.

Yesterday i.e. on May 6th, 2018, I made this cold coffee once again for my daughter’s teacher and that too without any sugar in it and with v. little dairy. She loved it and sipped every inch to the bottom.


 – Cold milk of any kind: Dairy or Non-dairy: 250 ml

– Instant Coffee Powder: Nescafe normal or African coffee powder

-Sugar / Stevia / Agave: as needed

-Spices: Pinch of Cinnamon Powder or Cardamom Powder, pinch of Ginger Powder

-2-3 ice cubes, blender and a Coffee-ing Heart


– Add milk, sugar, coffee and ice. Be sure not to overdo the ice beyond 2-3 cubes . Blend it. Taste it for sugar and modify the sugar as needed. 

  • LOVE: I make it with immense love. I love coffee and love making it for others!


  • CREATIVE: I have never looked up any coffee recipe, let alone other recipes. I am not the person who can be patient reading recipes, I rather create one of my own!


  • SPICES: Cinnamon powder and ginger powder. Appx. 2 pinches in each glass.


  • OTHER STUFF: 4 med. sized ice cubes per glass, blender, milk (any), sugar, coffee.


  • Other times I switch the cinnamon for cardamom. Cinnamon gives a spicy ‘kick’ and cardamom gives it sweetness, choose either.20160821_231951



Masala Chai: Delish Indian, Ginger Tea

Tea  or Coffee it is that divides the world into two seemingly equal halves. I have seen the steaming coffee mugs make their way to the wake up alarm for a millennium in USA, ‘Masala Chai’ aka Spice Tea is the magic mantra in India. From little kids to adults, it is the rave in all Indian Households and few like me are the ‘weirdos’ who have departed the eternal bliss before even dating it. The chai walas – hawkers on streets that sell these in little glass mugs could be called the popular anchors for soap opera discussions, office conversations or a ‘hot date’.


Here is the recipe of Typical Indian tea that most west-east, north and south Indians drink daily morning and evening. You are lucky! This article comes with my YouTube tutorial


11/4 cup drinking water

1 inch piece of ginger

2 pinches of tea spice

1 Tbsp of INDIAN Tea Leaves – any brand but Indian tea only

3/4th to 1 Tbsp of Sugar



I 1/4th cup drinking water


Start to boil

Grate 1 inch piece of ginger in the water



Add 2 pinches of tea spice = chai (tea) masala to the water ~ buy from any Indian grocery store or online

Simmer 3 minutes



Tea leaves 1 Tbsp

Sugar 1 Tbsp – More or less may be added as per requirement. No sugar won’t bring out tea’s flavor. Some sugar is needed. Please don’t use zero calorie sugar or honey!

Boil and then simmer for 5 to 10 minutes. The more you simmer, the stronger the taste. I prefer just 7 minutes

Add 1/2 cup milk – 2% cow’s milk: doesn’t matter organic or non-organic

Boil, allow to rise, reduce stove to slow – medium

Simmer 5-7 minutes

Strain using minute net strainer

Serve  hot with tea biscuits (cookies)


FOR 2 PEOPLE: 2 1/2 cups water, 11/2 Tbsp Tea leaves and same quantity of sugar, ginger and  spice.