25 Awesome Cartoons / pop culture for your kids – The no guilt zone

I am not the mom who hands my daughter an i-pad or phone but neither am I the mom who is the bandit queen against T.V.

In this tech. world, T.V. is more of a companion than a luxury ;) Today I want to share with you some amazing T.V. ‘pop culture’ for your toddlers and school age kids. These shows will teach your kids tons of great values and traits and so my dear moms, no more feeling guilty zone. Of course, don’t go over board with T.V. time and definitely do not use T.V. to ‘escape’ your tantrum and dealing with theirs. Neither should it be a substitute to self-worth or time spent with them. So, as long as she is watching from far, is not emotionally ‘married’ to the T.V. and has her time-limits each day, I am fine.

Living in U.S.A., in demanding life-situations I find it happiness to have T.V.  and believe that if the choices are right, it does little harm. Neither do I want her to feel outcasted from the world. We do not have cable and we  don’t go to theaters to watch movies and she doesn’t watch movies at home too. In her 6 years, these are the shows she has watched. Mind you, no shows with violence, hatred, fashion, comparisons, etc. And these are her choices, not me having to ‘force’ them to her. Neither is she the mickey, barbie, krishna, hanuman or princess girl. She watches almost nothing with violence, even if it was religious and so I pretty proud of what I am about to share.

ELMO: Teaches about the world around us. Science, G.K., singing, communication.


BARNEY: Excellent program with endless episodes. Great for singing, dancing, TEAM WORK, MORAL VALUES, Imagination. Just super!!


BO ON THE GO: Problem-solving, creativity, perseverance
CLIFFORD: Love for dogs / animals / pet care, values of compassion, love, kindness, sharing and day to day living with grace
DORA THE EXPLORER: Moral values, problem solving and critical thinking, imagination and love for animals. Not as realistic as program as Clifford but yet teaches a lot.
GO DIEGO GO: Excellent program for teaching LOVE for animals and different types of animals, their habitats, etc. Diego is all centered around rescuing animals and goes into the details of their living, features, etc., all in a fun way. It teaches bravery, problem solving in an imaginary (unrealistic) way but my daughter truly started loving animals from this program. I am so grateful!
DINOSAUR TRAIN: I just love this program. Teaches family values deeply and also all about dinosaurs and how to have fun with curiosity. Dinosaurs go on ‘educational adventures’ and learn from each other. I myself learnt a lot from this program, including ANTHROPOLOGY basics ;).
CURIOUS GEORGE: Goes on Adventures. Highlights – Science, G.K., curiosity, love to learn and explore. Great program
THOMAS: Trains, values of togetherness, being  helpful, generous, team-work, etc. Who said girls don’t like trains. In one of her life phases, she has watched THOMAS over and over and played with Thomas tracks for months!
SUPER WHY: Stories, exploration, spelling, reading, team-work, critical thinking and problem-solving. All in one makes a great package.
BUBBLE GUPPIES: Underwater adventures for learning, team-work, moral values
DRAGON TALES: As good as barney, here a team of dragons teach each other core life values. Elder dragons equip younger ones with wisdom and core skills to solve problems. The realities of life are brought about where we argue, get frustrated and then learn to solve them amiably. Love this program too.
JUSTIN TIME: Imagination, discovery, curiosity, world around us, team work, HISTORY, science
LITTLE EINSTEINS: Scientific adventures, G.K., problem solving, team work, music, dividing work and recognizing each other’s talents.
SPECIAL AGENT OSO: Basic problem solving skills. Not too realistic though.
PAW PATROL: Dogs, animals, team work, rescue teams, day to day problem solving, courage, perseverance
SID THE SCIENCE KID: All about science in the very real sense. It makes us think of the smallest details of the workings of the world. I have never challenged or encourage my daughter to be so curious of the world around us. Too awesome a program to miss.

PUFFIN ROCK: Family values, moral values, independence, problem-solving


SOPHIA THE FIRST: I thought this would be all about princesses. But this is all about such awesome values, patience, unconditional love that sophia has and teaches everyone around her. I wish I could ever make a gentle, loving program like this one. Her personality is what we MUST MUST MUST show and teach our kids. Emotional expression, maturity, wisdom, values.


STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE:  A group of girls with DIFFERENT TALENTS live independently, solve problems, SHARE, learn, grow together and express emotions in a healthy manner.


DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD: Great moral values and understanding the world of a toddler from their perspective. Family values and love for everyone around us including ourselves.

WILD KRATTS: Animals again – all about animals across the world, their every detail – habitats, eating habits, features, what, how and why of animals and some great adventure. Bit of the ‘good’ and ‘evil’ in this one but nothing too harmful or violent.



FRESH BEAT BAND: Excellent for music, instruments, singing, dancing, teamwork and performing arts.

ANGELINA BALLERINA: Ballet, dancing, singing, rhythm, performing arts, FAMILY VALUES, siblings, moral values, independence, problem solving

Hope you found this article helpful and inspiring.


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