Spirit vs. Computer. With the Magic powers of my Spirit how much Tech do I need?
Read on…

Last weekend at a site-seeing spot this person comes up to and asks me to click his family. I was surprised to see the camera was size of a cookie- Glucose biscuit size! I am not at all a ‘Tech’ person, uninterested! Yes, I like to use it and I need this laptop rt now to print this – but I need nothing Fancy and don’t find any interest in staying up-to-date with it.

On the contrary, ask me about what I personally call – ‘Spiritual Technology’: I can tell you and teach you a lot about: Clairvoyance, Intuition, Psychic readings, Hypnosis, Past-life regression, Astrology, Zodiac Signs, Polarity, Reiki, Energy related work, Meditation of Several types, Karma Theories, Heavenly bodies, Spirits, and so on..

Why should I find interest in Technology when I can feel your energies, know what you are doing, read your mind often even WORD BY WORD, feel your feelings even if you are a 1000 or 100,000 miles away; When I can tell who is calling or texting me before I see the phone, why you did what you did before I ask you, when I can look into my past life and tell you and me what was it like and give you proof of it, when I can dream in advance what is going to happen, when I can help myself with meditation and hypnosis to alter my life style for the better, when I can half heal my physical hurt with reiki….

…when I can tell you about your childhood or your relationships at home by just interacting with you, when I can look at your face and capture your overall personality, character, and above all: HAVE MY TEAM OF POWERFUL ANGELS WORKING WITH ME.The list goes on…. I am still on the journey but I sure have come far and realizing how powerful this magic is!! Those who are out of touch with that world, are missing out a lot!!!! There is so much out there in the Universe and within you…

“It is the most intriguing part of life. It is like all of us have 2 lands every where we step – it is either the Spirit land or the Material Land. It is what you chose to land on, that you chose to make more Powerful!” ~ By Rima Desai


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