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 I was once the caterpillar – sulking into my comfort zone. Life was harder than it was for the most people. Extreme childhood abuse, no where to run or hide. All I needed was for someone to tell me that I could alter my life, make choices to not allow abuse and that I had plenty of help and support to overcome my chronic depression. My Psychology Teachers and Therapist changed my life forever. Today, I am here, to be your GuidingStar. If you seek the way in the darkness of your life, I shall shine the light and show you the way.




It is easier to share emotional pain with a stranger than your own as it comes with no bias or judgement. When you feel lost, you need an outside torch to guide your way out. I come from a single-parent family with a history of trauma and depression. It led me to study psychology, seek healing and self-transform myself massively! Now I guide ‘you emerge as a winner’ out of your circumstances. yes

My ideal client is a woman who feels abused, overwhelmed, unappreciated, devalued, dissatisfied with her life, has a difficult marriage or feels incomplete even after having a partner.

Certified in Life-Coaching and in Counseling Psychology, I bring you the best of psychology, molding your sessions to your unique concerns. I specialize in GUIDED MEDITATIONS, SATVIC LIVING, HYPNOTHERAPY and COACHING Women with difficult childhoods or marriages. Emotional Balance, Depression, Anxieties, Weight Management, Relationships, Parenting, Grief, Angelic Healing.

Online and phone coaching with ease of online scheduling from anywhere in the world, make my service convenient. I have extensively lived in India, East Africa and currently USA since 2011, bringing massive cultural experience with me. I understand ‘culture shock’ and the traumas of ‘change’, moving, letting-go and more.




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Horoscope / Chart consultations along with coaching to reach your goals or improve your life or simply get emotional strength to steer through your circumstance. Phone or in person, you can be anywhere in the world.








30 to 60 minute meditation sessions. Never meditated? No problem! I have a program for just about anyone whether new or old to meditation.

Online / phone meditation sessions available, that way you can meditate from the comfort of your couch.






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Angels are messengers of God which guide us conditionally for our highest good. Angel card reading is an excellent medium to gain immediate clarity and confirmation for one’s career, finances or personal life. I have witnessed incredible synchronicity and miracle in my angel card sessions.





Complementary Chants to open up your HEART CHAKRA, BALANCE CHAKRAS & INCREASE INTERNAL STRENGTH. On the 10th and 28th of every momsp.jpgnth. Attend from anywhere in the world. Ask me how: https://theguidingstar.org/contact-me/





Rima’s Qualifications 

Certified Counseling Psychologist & Certified Life-Skills Coach: from India & USA

 Certified Childcare Professional & Certified Handwriting Specialist: from USA

 Reiki Level I and II & Certified Aura Reader: from USA


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