Each one of us has a valuable story to share with the world – a story that inspires others to do what their fears may stopping them to do, to move forward with courage and strength. I have a long and intense story too. I have wrapped it up into a short-cut burrito here: https://theguidingstar.org/mystory-com

Do you relate to my story in any way? A past filled with hurt that consumed you with low self-confidence, emotional deprivation, depression and pain but yet a strong drive to move the world with your incredible talents? If yes, you are part of my ‘family of leaders’. I have something fabulous to help you in that journey. Reach out to me from here: https://theguidingstar.org/contact-me/



My life purpose revolves around kids. I am in awe of Kids, they rock my world! I love being a mother to a lovely, mature, extremely enthusiastic daughter. I love kids in general and have held educational camps and workshops for kids (2-8yrs) since 2011. My dad says that when I was very young, for several years, I used to pretend play teaching many kids in a room. That dream is now real 🙂

Psychology and Social Work take over the rest of my passionate self. Psychology absorbs me with wonder and I love giving selflessly to the needy. I have volunteered actively with Kivulini (Africa), Kshana (Mumbai), Child Crisis Center (USA) and Lions Club International.

My 3rd passion is Writing to share knowledge. I did not realize when I wrote all the several hundred articles across different platforms – THE CITIZEN Newspaper, AURIC AIR inflight magazine, PARENT EDGE Magazine in India, ASIA TODAY ARIZONA newspaper in USA and at www.mycity4kids.com/parenting/parenting-booth. I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed proof-read some internationally published books.

My 4th passion is DANCE. I have danced extensively (Bollywood and West Indian Dance) and informally taught dancing as well.


Masters in Counseling Psychology. Transformational Life-Coaching Certification. Certification as a Child Care Professional. Proof-reading Certification. Certified Handwriting Specialist. Aura reading certification, Reiki Level I, II.

                                                                MY FORTE

One on one and Group work for women / mothers and kids. My forte lies in emotional healing, spiritual guidance and educational upliftment of kids and women.

It is your inquisitiveness as readers that motivates me to keep the ink flowing. Know that on this blog every word print is original, darted straight from my personal learnings. Thank You for reading along 🙂 Check out my pics https://theguidingstar.org/this-is-me/. Ready now to swim through this mind pool?!

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