Each one of us has a valuable story to share with the world – a story that inspires others to do what their fears may stopping them to do, to move forward with courage and strength. I have wrapped mine into a short-cut burrito here: https://theguidingstar.org/mystory-com

Do you relate to my story in any way? A past filled with hurt that consumed you with low self-confidence, emotional deprivation, depression and pain but yet a strong drive to move the world with your incredible talents? If yes, you are part of my ‘family of leaders’. Let’s talk and share ideas!  https://theguidingstar.org/contact-me/



My life purpose revolves around kids. I am in awe of Kids, they rock my world! I love being a mother to a lovely, mature, extremely enthusiastic daughter. I love kids in general and have held educational camps and workshops for kids (2-8yrs) since 2011. My dad says that when I was very young, for several years, I used to pretend play teaching many kids in a room. That dream is now real :) Look at my KIDS CAMPS / CLASSES HERE

Psychology and Social Work take over the rest of my passionate self. Psychology absorbs me with wonder and I love giving selflessly to the needy. I have volunteered actively with Kivulini (Africa), Kshana (Mumbai), Child Crisis Center (USA) and Lions Club International.

WRITING: I did not realize when I wrote all the several hundred articles across different platforms – THE CITIZEN Newspaper, AURIC AIR inflight magazine, PARENT EDGE Magazine in India, ASIA TODAY ARIZONA newspaper in USA and at www.mycity4kids.com/parenting/parenting-booth. Also enjoyed proof-reading some internationally published books.

My 4th passion is DANCE. I have danced extensively (Bollywood and West Indian Dance) and informally taught dancing as well.


Masters in Counseling Psychology. Transformational Life-Coaching Certification. Certification as a Child Care Professional. Proof-reading Certification. Certified Handwriting Specialist. Aura reading certification, Reiki Level I, II.



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