Planets are ready to explode… WAR?

The big looming question is  – “Is War coming?” Is that truly where our mind is staying occupied amongst all the little day to day wars that we fight in our little lives. Here, by war, I mean the challenges, milestones and obstacle courses we are constantly navigating amongst our relationships, health and career.

Yes, of course, there is tons that we can state about The President, The News and the hobble. I would be a wisely lazy person to avoid that endless conversation of The Know-it-All. My title of course is talking about Astrology – The Planets that are inviting some serious clashing of the empty utensils like a toddler searching for greater discoveries. So yes, war is coming! But what do I mean by war? What kind of war?


Today is June 25th, 2018 – A date worth noting in your journal. 5 months from now, you may enjoy revisiting this day. As a lot stands in store between now and then – 1st Dec. 2018. Big events, big transformations, big explosions or big discoveries!

As simply as I can put it, I am highly inspired by the Ancient, Vedic Astrology Calculations that inspired the CREATION of ASTRONOMY. This astrology was born some thousands of decades ago in the ancient land of India. The combinations in the sky are the ones found after who knows how many decades or centuries.



Metaphorically, Mars is the Soldier – The dutiful fighter. It loves to go out and fight for its cause, protect, be aggressive, brave. It rules the sign of Aries (action, aggression, pro-active, confident, impulsive) and Scorpio (Things hidden, secrets, underground, death, transformation). However, a soldier stands valuable on the war land, not in personal or business relationships. This planet goes retrograde on June 26th, 2018 in the sky, sitting closely with its even more fiery counterpart – Ketu (South Node) which is the co-ruler of the sign of Scorpio along with Mars. Put fire and retrograde fire together, what happens? Retrograde planets ask us to SLOW DOWN our energies, to be more passive in our approach, to repair and finish the unfinished and think deeply before we act, speak or do, to be more practical than emotional in our approach. Given, we don’t do that, given that we LASH OUT at the people that we feel frustrated with, annoyed by and force a fight for a cause like scenario, the fire doesn’t hesitate to burn us. Being too fiery in our lives at this time of the sky until the end of this year can cost us grave penalties.

However, this is just the start of the story. Here is a chain of planetary alignments you do not want to OVERLOOK at any cost!

Fiery, Retrograde Mars sits close with fiery and very sharp, weapon-like planet South Node Ketu in Capricorn – the sign of their enemy Saturn. Hence, once we make our fiery mistakes, we may want to fall back on Capricorn (Saturn) like qualities like retrospection, humility, penance, reform. However, when we fall back on Saturn, we find that Saturn currently is sitting RETROGRADE in Sagittarius – the sign of it’s enemy JUPITER.

So Jupiter asks you higher philosophical question – what has your higher faith taught you about life, treating others and core human values? And so moving from the fiery mistakes of Mars-Ketu, we fall back on Saturn which takes us further to Jupiter.

So how is Jupiter placed in the sky? This Giant also is sitting RETROGRADE in Libra – The sign of its enemy Venus – the ruler of relationships, balance and harmony.

Which means that Jupiter’s philosophy and moral values may be unable to help us at this point given that it is sitting retrograde (silent, withdrawn) in its enemy sign. While the big planets Ketu, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn will remain in those signs for several weeks to several months, the soft, beautiful Venus continues to move through several zodiac signs for the rest of the year, reminding us to harmonize and stabilize (Libra energy) in all areas of our life.




There are THREE Retrograde Planets in the Sky currently, and each one is sitting in the sign of their enemy planet. Aggressive, go-getter Mars and Ketu, both retrograde are sitting up too close, easily causing greater impulse for arguments, wars, fiery problems, impulsive rudeness, attacks and more.

You can win over this seemingly troublesome times by:

  1. Learning to be the Bigger Person, Humble, not giving in to the arguments, being patient, not fighting to be right, but being Kind.
  2. Retrospecting and repairing the ugly, unfinished or broken parts of your life: career, relationships at work, home, kids, friends, etc.
  3. Slowing down, smelling the roses, finding a higher purpose, bigger meaning in your life.
  4. Meditating, working towards Self-Transformation
  5. Staying away from Negative News, negative people and events.
  6. And definitely come back 5 months later to REVIEW your journal and notice how these times transformed you, your life, the course of your journey. I am sure there are some surprises in store – either growth ones with joy or growth ones with significant learnings!



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