It is so hard to really ‘sip a moment of life’ in all the parenting hustle bustle. It takes us a parent to realize that when we were unmarried and even when we were married but did not have kids, our notion of being busy was so stupid. Become a parent and then we realize, “Dude what was I busy with when I did not have kids?!” All the guilt and what I could have done kicks in.. there was so much we could have done with our time when we weren’t parents. So well, the gift of parenting is not only cute smiles, crazy tantrums, frowned feelings and a love filled home but also a realization of what our parents have done for us and the value of T-I-M-E.

Time and parenting are surely competitors and somehow time always wins! No wonder we don’t realize that our kids are already 7, 10, even 20 before we realize it!  So the one little thing I want you to do right now, today, everyday for ONE MINUTE of your day is to STOP – PAUSE- BREATHE – SMELL THE ROSES – HUG YOURSELF – PAT YOUR SHOULDER FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS and always remember that YOUR HAPPINESS CLOUD is hiding in the little pocket of your wonderful heart. Pause and give it a shout out, let it rain happiness for one moment everyday or every hour!

I found this beautiful picture on google images when I typed the word happiness and as soon as I saw the picture, these words came to my mind:

There are TWO ways to have a great day and a great life: 1. Do something that makes you happy

2. Do something that makes someone else happy

It would be wonderful to make this a life-long project to do with our child. Teach them to DAILY do something that makes them happy and to do something that makes someone else happy. Simple lessons come in great packages, they don’t need expensive classes or elaborate thinking. Just a little pause and a little rain of a big smile.

Life is too short to let it just pass by. Always have the #HappinessCloud

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