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What Is Life-Coaching, Counseling Or Psychotherapy? Who Needs It, Who Deserves It, Why Or Why Not?

This is part 1 of 3 part series. In these 3 parts I will share with you will get to know what is Life-Coaching, Counseling, Psychotherapy and Psychiatry. When, why and how to use it. Why to use it is the most important part. I will go over many details about each of these and in the end of the series also give you some sample real-life case studies from my client sessions. You can always email me: and ask me more. All and any questions on this topic are welcome! ~ also read this article here:

What is Life-Coaching, Counseling or Psychotherapy. Why get help or why not?

When I inform others that I am a Certified Life-Coach, some pronounce a “Wow” and some give me a blank face. Most of them will ask – “What is a Life-Coach?” I must say that I love questions and curious minds. That is a great question: Who is a Life-Coach and what does a L.C. do? So this post will answer that. Here I also inform you about the difference between a Life-Coach and a Counselor and the difference between the two.


In 2004, I passed first class as an official Counseling Psychologist (Masters), Mumbai University. I knew this was exactly what I wished to do in my career. While I pursued that in sort of different ways than others. I did many group workshops and aimed at increasing community awareness about emotional problems in children. However, with my marriage in 2007 my career picture flipped as I moved to a super small town in Tanzania, Africa and thereafter to USA where I could not use my Indian Masters Degree. Hence, I pursued certification in Transformational Life-Coaching from USA.


People in these roles are called Practitioners or Mental Health Professionals. Aim in each of this role is the EXACT SAME: Unconditionally supporting the ‘client’ to reach a healthier, happier life in any manner. By this we mean both – physically healthy + mentally or in other words, emotionally healthy. So, one client may be depressed and requires a lot of emotional support to emerge out of depression. Another client is suffering from severe knee pain and needs many health tips. Yet another is confused about which career path to choose or having trouble saving money and someone else is having major struggles with their teen son or daughter. It really does not matter whether the problem seems big or small to the client, the coach can help nevertheless.



I would say why not? Why do you have a helper at home even when you have a healthy body? Just because you hire a servant does it mean that you are unhealthy or lazy? Why do hire an accountant to manage your taxes? Does it mean you know nothing about math and accounts? Why do you see a doctor when ill? Is it something shameful to do? Do you not hire a ‘Coach’ for Sports training? What would you miss if you did not hire one?
The idea that getting emotional help is a mark of one’s failure is FALSE PERCEPTION. In fact, it is the mark of a brave and an open-minded person. Few have the courage to discuss their problems with others and be willing to find other solutions. I never want a client who thinks “I do not need help”. That is a closed, orthodox, limited functioning person. I want a client who thinks – “I am curious to explore this too”.

How can you know that Life-Coaching is not for you, when you have not even experienced it or known about it in detail?Just like you tell your child: “How can you tell me you don’t like bhindi till you have eaten it?” Correct?

You deserve to live a life where you feel content and excited about each moment to come and you deserve to be supported in that. A smart person finds out and uses the best discounts or coupons. This is that coupon to life which cuts hard work and pain short and gives you that extra advantage over others. Like polishing a piece of furniture or garnishing a dish, Life-Coaching, Counseling or Psychotherapy helps us ‘sparkle’ our personalities. Why miss out on that?!



  1.  Because you cannot share all your SECRETS with someone you know. They may judge you, speak ill about you, break your trust and spill out your secrets.
  1.   The Coach or Counselor is this objective, unbiased person whose job is to SUPPORT you like a mad fan would support Shah Rukh Khan. The coach cares less about whether you were right or wrong but rather whether your thoughts and actions are helping you or creating blocks. After finding the blocks, the coach does not make you work hard on it like digging earth on a sunny way. You may work hard, but never alone! You get tons of special help and lots to celebrate.
  1.   There is a limit to the amount of time your friends and family member will give you. Plus there is a huge risk of getting unwanted advice, advice which hurts more and helps less. They may not be wrong in giving advice only that they may not understand your situation from your view!
  1.    The coach never gives advice, never tells you what to do or not do and never judges you as right or wrong. Hence, it is a SAFE place to open up.
  1.    All of these help us remove our pent up emotions which we may not show our family or friends with fear of judgement or hurting them.
  1.  Mental health professionals are experts in the field of guiding you live healthier lives. There are specific ways in which we can increase our self-confidence, will power, improve relationships. We have the repair, revise and prevention techniques which will cut years of hard work and tears!



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