Saturn in Scorpio 2015 – 2016

This article is for everyone – all Zodiac Signs. It is not only for Scorpions and it is not about Scorpions. This article is for people from each and every zodiac sign. It is about the heavy effect of Saturn going into the sign of Scorpio in the sky (ask an experienced Astronomer!). I met a highly talented Astronomer last weekend and he explained to me how Astronomy began DUE TO ASTROLOGY. Astrology helped originate the science of Astronomy. Every planet revolves and as it does, it moves into a different zodiac sign depending on the speed of its movement. Saturn is one of the most imp. planet in Astrology and its effects are most deeply felt. Since Saturn is currently from Nov 2014 to May 2017 in the KARMIC sign of Scorpio, a lot of heavy transformations are going to be felt in personal, professional, and global lives. Read on…

I am seeing the effect of Saturn in Scorpio. It is beginning to rise now. I get to know friends getting divorced, others resisting it but eventually Saturn will force it. There are others who are traumatized in their own way –  emotionally.

The problem area that is being highlighted in your life e.g. if divorce, relationship trouble, being cheated, nervous system problems, emotional disturbance… whatever it is, Saturn is asking you to work on it in depth and if you still do not do intense work in that area, Saturn will force you to misery and bring the transformation you avoided.
From your chart, you can tell the problem area by looking at where no. 8 or Scorpio falls as per Vedic astrology (not western astrology)

e.g. in 5th house – children / conceiving / business / studies / romance
in 1st house – appearance, physical energy, your entire self
12th house – subconscious mind, sleep, losses, private world, foreign, etc.

if your problem is emotional, reach out hypnotherapy, life-coaching or counseling. Not drugs (medicines) or psychiatrist – that is a quick fix.

if relationship problem, same as above. Give priority to your relationship, communicate, talk, negotiate, put your ego down, approach a marital coach, hypnotherapy, etc…

IF financial problem – seek out a consultant, revise your funds, etc..

If problems with children – put all other in the background, find out what your children need from you, etc.

Saturn wants us to reach out to the root cause – Scorpio or the 8th house is that of the depths within the earth or mind, unconscious or subconscious issues. You can very well ignore this post if you wish, but not working on your problem wont ignore the consequence but if you do the work that is intended, Saturn will bless you with immense success.

Remember, there is no person on earth, not even a sage who doesn’t have subconscious issues to work on. But some work on it through meditation or hypnotherapy and overcome the deep seated negativity.. but ones who don’t, suffer an even deeper emotional backlog.

Particularly for Saggitarius rising people, it becomes a complete must to work on the issues of the subconscious mind as Scorpio falls in the 12th house!

Thanx to Kapiel Raaj’s KRS Channel of Astrology, Joni Patry’s Galactic Center, My guru Hiteshbhai’s teachings in accumulation that made this wisdom possible.

4 thoughts on “Saturn in Scorpio 2015 – 2016

  1. Hi there,
    Stumbled upon your blog while obviously typing some words in distress for answers. Found your posts quite simple and interesting. To be honest, I have always turned a blind eyes on this topic. No offense. But, I really do want to learn and understand this. Hope to find some answers.

    Good Luck on your work.


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