Sun Signs – Indian / Vedic / Siderial

It is interesting and intriguing when I look at a chart and describe the person’s personality, needs, deepest or secret hopes and wishes and they go – “YA! THIS IS ME!!” and then I squirt – “your sun sign is actually the previous one, not the one you kept thinking and relating to all these years.” Indian astrology sun sign are different than western or Linda Goodman. So if you were reading the Scorpio forecast all these years, and you are actually a Libran, either there is something else in your chart which makes you relate to a scorpion or (for most parts) – your (all of our) mind just believes whatever it reads. Try reading another sign forecast for next couple months..

…and besides forecasts don’t truly belong to astrology. They are made up for fancy advertising!

In India birth horoscope will show the sign where the sun and moon are placed. If you haven’t looked at your sun sign in your chart but have followed the western zodiac, you will sure be surprised!

These are the Sidereal / Indian / Vedic sun signs:

Aries April 14th – May 13th
Taurus May 13th – June 14th
Gemini June 15th – July 15th
Cancer July 15th – August 16th
Leo August 16th – September 16th
Virgo September 16th – October 16th
Libra October 16th – November 15th
Scorpio November 15th – December 15th
Sagittarius December 15th – January 14th
Capricorn January 14th – February 13th
Aquarius February 13th – March 13th
Pisces March 13th – April 13th

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